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Veterans Day program @ Flag Pole - Memorial Elementary

This was a very touching moment.
I didn't realize many of my co-workers were veterans. When I saw not only my co-workers and several grandparents and family members of our student body present I was Amazed! It was also nice to see the large group that came to our school program to honor these brave men and woman.

I know this video does nt do them service, or fully portray the program as a whole but I hope you enjoy it.

We take forgrant many of our freedoms. I am not debating weather the war or any war is justifable, if it was money motivated or what not. All I know is that men and woman heard the call and put themselves in the line of duty, in the line of fire, to protect what we seldom cherish - freedom.

If you think all these wars were wrong - remember pearl harbor, remember mass jew graves, realize that other countries still have dictators who kill anyone and everyone that disagrees with them. Remember that while we all may not like some things in our country - we are free to complain, free to protest, free to speek up, free.... say it with me FREE.

The old adage is: those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And while every war, battle may seem evil, wasteful - imagine if we wait until the enemies of freedom are on your lawn, walking up to your door, takeing you away to torture and kill. Not possible - think 9-11, no one thought that was possible.

Respect the flag, respect the country, argue with the wrong but this "America" is better than anywhere else. Or else why would they be coming here?

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