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Christmas tree feelings - violated

christmas tree happy new year
Christmas Tree feelings - Violated ?

It’s Christmas time and the Christmas tree is finally up.
You’ve probably have seen it posted up on face book. But did you hear about the feelings, the emotions, the weirdness that it brought on.

Family time is awesome. One of the most memorable memories one can have is of having the family gathering together to put up the tree and the decorations. But unlike most memories I am going to have this one memory of my nephew violating my Christmas tree for the rest of my life. Yes, I have proof - a picture can speak volumes.

Yes, not staged, not pre-empted, it just happened. The sickness, the horror, the emotional distress.

happy holidaysWell, except for the emotional scare that I will bare for the rest of my life - it was fun. Nothing compares to having those moments that you carry with you forever. Memories you make that are yours, memories that not only make you smile but bring warmth to your heart. The times we often dread, often avoid and later regret that we missed. Memories that that as a parent we cherish and enjoy when your child all grown up says “I remember when…” or “I want to do with my kids what we did when I was a child”.

Sounds silly I bet. But I was one of seven children who’s father left us when I was five. We were poor and went thru a lot of struggling times. We had many family occasion, Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays even new years - where we had enough just to make do. As children we, I didn’t understand, all I saw was that we didn’t have, why couldn’t we be or have things like my friends had, Or what I saw on TV. Now that I am all grown up, I remember the moments differently: we didn’t have much but we had each other. We laughed, we cried, we fought and we now remember fondly. The jokes, the hugs, the family is what I remember. The toys - yes I probably would have like more or better toys - but where are the toys I received then, gone. But the memories, the good times, that I remember, that I cherish.

I remember one Christmas in particular where we had no Christmas tree, no decorations and very few gifts. All I wanted - believe or not, was a few He-man action figures and the grey-skull castle. I and my brothers & sisters some how got most of what we wanted - but what I remember most was the time I spent with my mom building that darn He-man grey-skull castle. That memory, that moment is still with me today.

happy holidaysAnd while I want to give my family and children all the best - I want to make sure that above all I give them time, laughs and memories that will be with them for ever. Even this memory of my nephew violating my Christmas tree - I hope - years from now will bring a smile to my face. So merry Christmas to all, have a happy happy new year and please remember to make memories that will not only last a life time, but that will bring merriment and joy to your heart.

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