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Motivating children to LEARN - with a blog ???

Motivating children to learn - with a blog?

How do you motivate children to learn?

That is a good question. For me, I try to find whatever interest my child has and I try to use that to teach them something I may find important. Be it math and the concept of money through a board game. It could be using television programs to teach them family values. It can also be by example, how I live and pointing out ( as to make it known and obvious ) to my children so that they can learn something new or important.

Recently my nine year old son asked me to create a blog for him. He noticed my daughters and I’s small rivalry ( more like my small motivational taunts ) about how many visitors she is getting on her ‘word press’ blog compared to mine. I am pretty sure, just like my daughter did when she was younger, that he will probably lose interest in this blog. But my hope is, whether it is now or in a later date ( such as like my daughter ), this blog will motivate him to be creative.

I am hoping I can motivate him to write, to think about what he wants to write about. I want him to put those creative juices to work and hopefully as he writes, learns to love to blog (write) that he improve his skill as a writer.

For write now I just expect him to write silly little things, take a bunch of pictures and to ask for a lot of help. But as I always say – today he is just interested, tomorrow he may be the next great…. I can hope and dream.

Check out the blog I created for him and his first blog post.

This kitty is not witty but wierd

This kitty is not witty but weird

The internet is littered with thousands of photos and videos of cats. Cats dancing, cats playing, kitty cats trapped in jars. In truth the internet should be called the catnet. With all these pictures of cute cats on the net, I am surprised to find a kitty that is cute yet strangely odd. To use my daughter vernacular: “this kitty is disturbing”.

Now I just have to ask? Is it me or is it the kitty?

Please look at the photo below of this cute little odd and disturbing kitty and let me know what you think.

Trust me; I did not alter this photo. I found it on a wordpress blog: Enjoying the little things

We were sitting around just searching the net and there it was. At first I didn’t notice the odd lips until my little girl pointed them out. This kitty is kind of freaky and I hope this blog was kind of witty.

Please leave a comment about the kitty.

Book about children and Money- why?

I had a friend ask me why I wrote a book for children that dealt with money. Especially considering the current atmosphere we’re in where so many people seem to dislike and even some what hate the rich & successful.

That is a good question. But I think I have a satisfactory answer.
First let me say this, the book is not about only making money.

With that said: despite everyone’s apparent dislike for rich successful people, millions of people play the lotto every week, even twice a week. Why do people play? They play because they want to be rich. They desire to be that one percent.

Why do people play scratch off games, gamble, play sweepstake games and even play bingo? They play all these games and more in order to win large sums of money. So let us first put aside the idea that people in general dislike or hate rich people. What people dislike and hate is that they don’t have this money – that they are not rich.

So what I am trying to do in this book is to motivate children to not only learn, but to desire to learn. I want them to be motivated by the desire for success to seek knowledge, to think about planning for the future and so much more. Children need to learn about choices, consequences, decision making and several other skills that will help them succeed in any aspect of life.

The only reason I mention ‘how to become rich’ in my book is because like it or not, everyone associates success with money. Also as I mentioned earlier, everyone is seeking to make money, to become rich as it were. I know that there are people that say they have no desire to become rich, but in truth, if they had a way to make more money they would do it. The reality is that what people do not want is the stigma that goes along with being successful – being considered the evil greedy one percent.

What if we just put aside the idea of being a greedy evil ‘one percenter’ aside and simply think about teaching children the skills they need to do well in school, to succeed in life and to allow them to decide how far they really want to go. We are always talking about how important education is, but what are we teaching our children, the next great generation. These kids know more about facebook than they know about reading and math.

As a parent, all I ever wanted for my children was a better life. All I want is for them to do and to soar to their highest heights. We tell our children to dream big, that nothing is impossible – and in this book I give my children a few tips in order to do so.

Motivate children to learn & be Successful

My new book to 'Motivate kids' to learn and be successful

I have spent the better have of my life trying to motivate my two children to do better, to be better. As a parent I guess it is natural to want your children to do more and to accomplish more in life than what you have done. Not that I am a slouch or a slave driver – I just want the best for my kids. I want them to have all the opportunities I did not, to basically enjoy the wisdom I have now and wish I had when I was a snotty thought I knew it all kid.

Lets face it people, there is something about children in general that they are naturally born with – dreams, not every day average dreams. I am talking big dreams like flying to the moon by becoming an astronaut, being super famous or super rich. The kind of dreams that border on the impossible, even dreams like learning how to fly. Ask any child this simple question: how much money you would like to have? The answer is always – a lot or I want to be rich!
help children do well in schoolThe truth is we want our children to do well in life, but most of the time we teach them very little as far finance (money), life and success. In America we are told that we are losing in the war on education, the last commercial I saw on education stated that America was rank 25th in the world when it came to education. That is sad, very sad. But the real question is “how do you motivate children to learn, to want to learn”.

So taking everything I’ve learned and done over the years with my daughter and my son; you add the tips and techniques I have accrued from working in the schools and I came up with an interesting Idea: if every child’s dream is to be rich – why not use that as a motivational tool. In order to be rich children need to want to learn, to seek knowledge. In order to be successful, they need to be thinkers, they need to make plans, be dedicated to the plan, to think with a clear level head. To become rich you need to do well in school always remembering that you have choices and your choices have consequences. Always remembering that in order to be successful you have to consider the effect of influence, it can be negative or positive depending who you connect with.

So with all these factors, I created a book that motivates children to doing what is necessary to become rich, successful and do well in school. The book is full of stories about famous people who have achieved success because they never gave up, because they strove for excellence, for more. All this is wrapped up in a simple book that can be read by a parent to a younger child or easily read by any 4th, 5th grader and up with ease. Even though the book’s title says ‘for children’ I believe that the book can be used and be beneficial to older children, pre-teen and even teenagers.

I am hoping that the book will catch on and I will try to post a small section of the book on my blog as a tease and to build interest.  I hope you and others will also help promote my book.
for Children 'how to become' Rich, Successful & do well in school

Pre Order Halo 4 - my son is so giddy!

Halo 4 - my son is so giddy.

My son started drooling and was almost in a euphoric state when he saw the commercial for the new halo game – HALO 4. He about yanked my arm of trying to get my attention so I could see the commercial promoting the game. I didn’t want to let on but I myself had a bit of drool on my lip as I watch the promo. Sadly enough it is not out yet and you have to pre-order the game: I already visited Amazon to see if I could order it.

check out one of the Halo 4 videos

The question now is do I pre order it for Christmas or do I wait. If I wait I run the risk of not being able to order it – which would kill me just as much as it would kill my son. But if I order it now I will suffer wondering “when will I see the game?”….. oh the confusion.

The funny thing is that my son is already expecting to receive this game – I want that dad!

No please, can you, I would like: he just said – I want that Dad.

Personally, I can’t wait to get it, it bring the inner child out...

I can't wait.

Product Features

The Master Chief returns to battle an ancient evil bent on vengeance and annihilation. Humanity and the universe will never be the same again.

The Reclaimer Saga Begins: Experience the dawn of an epic new Halo adventure, solo or split screen with up to three friends

Go Beyond the Story: Halo 4's Infinity Multiplayer features a vastly expanded suite of multiplayer modes, weapons, vehicles, armor abilities, a new loadout and Spartan-IV player progression system.

Edge-of-your-seat Entertainment: Immerse yourself in Halo 4's graphics, sound and epic game play including a mysterious and deadly new class of enemies*

My wife wants my life insurance - OH My Gosh!

She is trying to KILL ME!!!!! For anyone who has read my blog for some time, by now you know I love my kids. I would and will do anything for them - my wife knows this too. I think she was using this love or weakness to her advantage.
It was all a trick - you see. She tells me that taking my son to the air show event on Saturday would be fun, that it would be a great father and son moment. I said - I hate to fly. She said I didn't have to - my son could ride with other children and I can be safe on the ground. Lies; all lies I tell you! We get there early in the morning, it's a beautiful day and my son has no clue what is going on. We arrive and he is ecstatic - I was worried that he would be afraid and chicken out - or worst, start to cry. But he was a man, a big boy - but he wouldn't go up unless dear old dad went with him.... What?
I had to say yes in front of all these people but on the inside I am screaming "oh hell no!" but I had no choice but to put on the "Strong Dad" front for my kid. So to save face and to create a wonderful memory for my son, I signed up to go up in a small one propeller plane... It took all I had to keep myself from making my scared inner joke - " If it's so safe why am I signing a waiver?" Facebook to the Rescue! How Facebook help me keep my cool. That's right - Facebook. I needed something to keep me distracted, calm - didn't want my son to think his Dad was a fready cat.... Lol. Here are the post I sent out on my cell phone.
In a few minutes I will be flying in the air.... Oh boy. I am on fb just to distract myself as my son enjoys the ride. This would be a good time to message me .... Oh my I just looked out window. Button turn red made noise as we start downward to runway????? Scott our pilot told my son that flaying is safer than being in a car... yeah???? The one good consolation of the whole ordeal was – I survived! Ha, no today honey, your not getting rid of me that easy. No, seriously – my son had a great time and he was very brave through the whole ride. I was the one who foolishly was holding on to my seat as if that was going to save me from anything. Plane falling, everyone – hold on tight to your seats… and kiss your butt goodbye…. But again – he had a great time, I was glad he was happy and that we were able to do this together. Video coming soon if I can find a way to get it out of my phone........

Funny - Barbie found in my Fridge ? could die from cold...

Funny - Barbie found in fridge.
Start of an interesting morning.

OK, who wakes up in the morning with only one thing on their mind [ need a cup of coffee now ] and is confronted with a Barbie doll in the fridge?

Apparently I am the only one to have this happen to them?

how make Barbie cake Really, I knew my wife was making a wonderful decorative birthday cake for my lovely niece, Aaliyah. The cake, this I knew. What I did not know, what I did not expect at seven in the morning after a late night TV binge, that as I opened the fridge door to get milk for my desperately much needed cup of coffee - was to find Barbie staring back at me. It was traumatic, it really was. Those cold blue eyes, glazed lifeless look and oh so creepy smile? She was in the cake, the cake was wrapped in plastic and she had her hands up like as if she was reaching for me... Disturbing.

Of course, after my initial shock, I couldn't help but laugh as I thought - Man this would make a great blog. I normally write blogs about the decorative cakes my wife makes, I know people enjoy it. My wife usually post a pic of her creations on facebook and she gets a large positive response from friends and family.

So this is what I was thinking:
Since I was surprised to find Barbie in the fridge - I figured I could track her progression, from basic to beauty, in the fridge.

After all, I love to help my wife with her creations, it gives me a chance to get the creative juices flowing. Plus she obligates me since she knows I can draw and have an eye for certain artistic things.

It's a curse.

But below you will find several photos of the creation of the Barbie princess cake.

how make Barbie cake
how make barbie cake
how make barbie cake
how make barbie cake

Fun Get-away indoor water park fl coco keys

A fun get away week-end At Water-park hotel Coco Keys

Summer fun week-end trip to coco keys in-door water park - Florida’s best and possibly only indoor water park. That’s right - I took the family on a week end get away and I even took my niece “Aaliya”, hope I spelled her name right, with us. (* read about her scare below)

coco keys indoor water parkIt was great, personally I love Coco Keys hotel water resort. It has an indoor water park - YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT! At least from my point of view. Like I’ve said before, me an the hot cancer causing sun are not friends. My wife may life sitting in the sun baking herself into a nice brown golden {possible cancer causing ] tan - me, I avoid it if I can. After all, he needs to suffer the after effects, like my wife, with the sun burn, the peeling and all that discomfort.

But I like Coco Keys for several other reasons:
The price of the room includes the water park tickets.
They have three water park sections [ of which two are under shade ].
They three sections are slit into child safe, intermediate, and an all out adult like water park section that is in the sun.
They have a large game room, pizza hut and the hotels own restaurant right by the pool. It makes it easy to travel.
They have a pool side karaoke stage - may be one day I’ll get enough courage to try I. Probably get kicked out of the hotel… lol
Some of the hotels rooms are smack dab on the water park - I mean you step out of your room and bang, water slides.
The water park is opened till 8 pm and the hotel pool and hot tub is open till 10 pm [ unless weather conditions deem it necessary to shut down early ].

florida indoor water parkCoco Keys hotel is great! I can keep going on and on about it. Of course - if you get the Florida discount, it usually means you get one of the rooms far away from the water parks. Plus if you have more than 4 people in your room - as it was in my case with my niece joining us on this trip, you have to pay for extra water park tickets. I guess the worst park about the hotel is the traffic, the hotel has, at certain times, heavy traffic congestion. I guess that is why I try not to leave the hotel much when I visit.

coco keys indoor water parkBut on the bright side - you can talk a five minute walk from the hotel to the largest McDoanalds in the world [ I believe ]. You have several restaurants all in walking distance and there is a 10 minute drive to one of the largest movie theaters I have ever been too. Of course, the movie theater has, in my opinion, some of the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in.

The trip was a blast and yes, my wife got plenty of sun. My son made several new friends and spent most of his time riding the slides. My daughter - I feel bad for her, because in all honesty, I did use her a lot to baby sit the younger kids. Aaliya my nice - she had lots of fun. She even convinced me to ride a water slide that I have avoided on every trip I have taken there. But she did give me a scare.

The scariest moment at the indoor water park.

There we were I am being overly protective of my children, especially with my niece Aaliya because after all, she was not my child. Imagine I take someone else’s child on vacation and come back and say: hey, we had a great time, but….. Look about your kid…..

No, not on my watch. But with all my careful watchful care- she still managed to give me a scare. Of all places, in the kiddy section. There we were, sliding down the small kids slide and being dunked in the pool. I was concerned that she could drown, even though the pool area wasn’t deep enough for that to happen. We were having so much fun that I can’t even remember how many times we slide down this slide.

Then it happened. I was always the first one up the ladder and out of the pool watching as my niece and my son followed behind me. This time, my niece insisted that I allow her to climb out first. That she was old enough to do this by herself - like sure, you are five years old. Despite my resistance she one me over and up the ladder I let her go. I watched her intently, after all - if she was going to get her it would be here right? Wrong.

She made it up the ladder and I told her to wait for me as I turned to make sure my son was behind me. All I know is that in a split second of turning my head I heard a thump. As I instinctively turned to look, already knowing in my heart that it was my niece, I saw her picking her face up from the floor. It was like one of those slow motion movie moments. I saw her lifting her head, I could see the pain in her face, the blood in her mouth and bang, then came the screams.

As fast as I could I got out and checked her. The first thing I noticed was that she was missing a tooth. I looked toward the floor as if there was a need to find it. Then it hit me: Oh my God, make sure the loose tooth is not in her mouth and is a possible choke hazard! My wife came up to check her and since I couldn’t find anything in her mouth [ loose tooth ] my wife took her to be checked as I turned to check for the where about of my son.

When my wife returned, my niece was holding a rag and an ice-cream bar the medic apparently bought her [ I learn this latter on ]. My wife explained to me everything was fine and that it was nothing serious - so I asked: what about the missing tooth? My wife informed me that there was no missing tooth. That what appeared to be a broken tooth to me in the heat of the moment was actually a tooth that was finally growing in from a tooth that fell out months ago.

Goodness, I almost died of a heart attack.

The funny thing is, she was scared to go back into the pool and I started to think it was a shame that one scare would keep her from enjoying all these fun water activities. Well, after ten minutes she was back in the pool, going on all the water slides and even dragging my butt along in protest to ride that horrid monster of a water slide. Kids.

All in all - in the words of my niece: This is the best place ever!
If you want a fun place in Florida to take the family to enjoy the sun, pool and some awesome water slides - I still recommend Coco Keys Hotel Indoor Ware park. To learn more about Coco Keys indoor water park hotel from our first visit.

florida indoor water park

Homemade Hamburgers - fun mini Burgers

Homemade Hamburgers - fun mini Burgers

Ok, you saw my wonderful post about the best Hamburger ever, and now I have the "Homemade Hamburgers" fun mini blog post. Ok, I am stuck on burgers!

homemade hamburgers mini It was Saturday morning and I decided to have a fun filled day with the family. What says more fun, or can create a happy fun fill atmosphere than - yes, FOOD. I figured with all my free time, 5 weeks of free vacation time, that I should spend some extra time with the family having fun. After all, I have so much to spare [ unlike my wife who has to work.... I quietly giggle deep down inside ].

So Friday I did some grocery shopping - and decided I, no we, were going to make mini hamburgers. Yeah, let’s get the grill, stoke the fire and get a cooking people.
I had seen several blogs about friends and family coming together to cook. They are all in the kitchen working together to make a wonderful meal. I wanted that. That's right, I wanted to get together with no distractions, no hassles, just us laughing as we build a family bonding moment and memory.

homemade hamburgers miniOfcourse, my family being who they are, let’s just say there were a few snags: wife wants to run the show when I already had a plan and a vision. The daughter was willing to help but didn't want to receive helpful instructions from mom [ that’s why the fries were a bit.... uhm, special?...] and the son, well he just wanted to play and get all the attention - him I put to set the table, which I did mostly myself.

mini hamburgers homemadeBut I have to say, even with some of the headaches, when we sat down to eat those homemade hamburgers, with the music playing in the background - we talked, the food was great, if I don't say so myself, and the time was special. My wife had to admit that the mini burgers tasted great, even if it's not how she would have made them. The kids talked, laughed and said that the mini hamburgers tasted great. I guess what matters most is that we spent time together, enjoying each other’s company as we shared a wonder meal.

My recipe: well...

mini homemade hamburgers2 packs of ground beef
Turkey Beacon
any Bread of your choice *I used some sandwich bread cut in half – see pic
and your choice of seasonings, plus 1 onion
I cooked the beacon [ full pack ] cut in half
[ one half was for strips on top of burger the other was crumbled up ]
Season meat and mixed in crumpled beacon and chopped onions.
Toasted the bread and made some french fries.
Sautéed some onion as a topping
made a salad and some of that went to top the burger

Then the kids grabbed some other condiments in the frig and everyone built their mini burger to their liking.

That’s the basics of my recipe.

homemade hamburgersTo me it's more about experimenting, playing and having fun with it. I must say though - it was fun mixing the beef and physically handling the meat to make the shape - my wife said I made the mini burgers so thick that they almost resembled large meat balls...... Hey, it was my hamburger and mine to shape as I so desired. Just cause I said I was making mini burgers, I didn't mean they would be small.

hamburgers homemade
My son, everything taste better with Katchup......


Best Burger in Village Inn – hungry for meat!

Best Burger in Village Inn – hungry for meat!

best burgerI don’t know if it was the “Best Burger” I ever had because it was, or because I was hankering for a slab of juicy all beef meat. At any rate it was the best burger I’ve had at village Inn in a while. Then again, it’s been a long time, since I enjoyed a real large all you can eat forget the calories, cholesterol and fat burger in a while. All I know is – I started my 5 week vacation, yes I said 5 weeks and I was going to celebrate.

best burger village inn The funny thing about enjoying the “best Burger” ever as you can see – I took lovely pictures – I even made my wife take pictures of me enjoying my delicious burger. But like I said – it was funny because while we’re taking pictures of this massive burger – the manager seems to run on over and tells us not to forget “#villageInn” – what? My daughter had to explain to her usually tech savvy dad that this was a way of “tagging” pictures on facebook. Oh, I thought he was referring to twitter – no she said “you do it on facebook”. Whatever you say kid – but I have seen it on twitter, since I tweet more than I FB.

So it was a bit odd having the rest of the restaurant patrons watching me and my wife taking pictures of my massive burger [ with our cell phones of course ], but when the manager came to point out the need to remind us [ not ask ]to hash tag the pic – now we were the center of attention.

best burger village in The other strange thing that happened – I guess since we were now famous, or infamous, was an older lady came up to me while I was eating and gave me a village inn coupon, she just walked up and said “here, you guys can use this” and then walked away. She didn’t even wait for a thank you or even to be acknowledged. I didn’t even get a chance to look her in the face [ had my face in my burger ].

All in all – it was the best burger I’ve had in some time. Just by looking at it I thought I was not going to be able to finish this massive size burger in one sitting. After all, trying to eat healthy and all, reducing my meal portions – could I really eat and enjoy this entire burger....? Hell yes I did!

Now the hard work begins: how to enjoy my five weeks of free time…. Oh yeah.

best burger village inn

Video Chat with up to 12 people at once - for FREE

Video Chat with up to 12 people at once - for FREE

I've been watching my daughter and this interesting Video Chat system - she has instant messaging, video chat, video sharing and she can talk with up to 12 people all at once. For teenagers and large families - I think it's great. Skype is nice but watching my baby girl talking with two of her friends [ her being the third person ] is kind of cool.

Did I mention you can video chat with a group - all at once, at the same time!
How it works? You use group video to video chat with up to 12 people at one time on a call. Simply start a call and then add contacts from your contact list . All platforms including PC, Mac*, Facebook, Android and iOS currently support the group video chat experience. 12-way video chat for FREE

free group video chat Group video feature is the only service that lets you have 12 video windows for FREE.

The free group video chat service can be used for work with colleagues, or just chatting with friends and family ( in my daughters case - gigling about hunger games with her friends ).

To start a group chat simply launch a video call, and then add up to 11 friends! Sounds simple to me, and if my baby girl can downloaded it on to her laptop, set it up and use it with ease - anyone can.

video chat free more than one personI use skype and I like it, but I realized that there was a short coming on Skype - like the ability to video chat to more than one person at a time. So if your like my daughter, teenagers always seem to learn about all the fun new stuff, and want to video chat with more than one person - follow the above links and try it out. Again - the best thing about it: It's Free....

More funny pictures, images of children

More funny, silly pictures & images of children
Please don't be offended - it's all in fun. Live laugh and avoid any cameras you see.... LOL.

Just look at that scared funny face.... Mom, do something come'on....
funny silly images and pictures

funny pictures images children

Well it may sound funny and strange - but your never too young to worry about your health..... You go man lift those weights, give me three sets of 10. Feel da burn man, feel it..

You have to be kidding right, this one is obvious - "GOT MILK"?
funny pictures of children images

Keep your Ipad, Ipod and your Face Book - we're too busy living....
fun funny children having fun

Sometimes we are so busy being busy that we forget to stop and smell the roses. We forget to laugh, to enjoy the short life we have, the simple pleasures in life. I hope you took this moment [ and blog post... ] to do just that. Crack a smile, let it out and luagh at that picture.... that was funny and you know it.

Extreme Fishing - forget Monster Fish

Extreme Fishing - forget Monster Fish

When you hear the words "Extreme Fishing" you usually think about a few things:

extreme fishing y u think1- Monster fish / giant huge fish.

2- Hot girl [women] with huge or large exotic fish [ if your a guy ].

3- Exotic large fish you never dreamed existed - monster or prehistoric fish.

But as I pondered trying what I call real fishing, you know that latent desire to catch that elusive Moby dick. Uhm, I mean really huge fish like an Alaskan Halibut or something wild like that huge bluefin. As I did some research I ran into some interesting truly extreme fishing. These people take their fishing serious - extremely serious, so much so that they do what is ever possible to make that great catch.

Here are some of the extreme fishing I found and honestly - will never think of trying.

exreme fishing yuthink One of the most iconic scenes your bound to see in Sri Lanka is stilt fishing. They spend hours sitting on a thin plank, hoping to catch one or two fish about 5 cm-long, that they sell for about 2 cents each. Stilt fishing is a traditional means of earning a livelihood in the area and each stilt is a prized possession handed down from generation to generation.
Pic: Sri Lankan fishermen wait to catch fish as they sit atop stilts in Ahangama, 180km (112 miles) south of Colombo, October 8, 2009. REUTERS/Carlos Barria (SRI LANKA)...

extreme fishing yuthink How far would you go to catch your fish? Well, apparently this man built himself a cable car across very troubled seas [ not lake mind you - seas .... ] to catch some lobster - Talk about "extreme Fishing". Fisherman Siswanto rides on a self-built wooden cable car, created by himself, to cross the sea at Timang beach in Gunung Kidul, near the ancient city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 19 April 2012. Siswanto crosses between rocks to catch lobsters.
It seems that catching lobster from the cliff of a mountian as many others do in Indonesia is not good enough for Siswanto? Picture taken April 19, 2012. REUTERS/Dwi Oblo (INDONESIA)...

extreme fishing yuthink This one, just through me off completely. It's bad enough its cold, the lake is frozen over - but your digging a hole in ice with a rock and a stick? Oh, did anyone think to bring other supplies? What happens if the ice cracks and you all fall in?
[ Pic } Fishermen use a stick and a rock to make a hole in the ice covering a lake on a cold, winter day in central Beijing December 19, 2010. REUTERS/David Gray (CHINA )

But here is my favorite extreme fishing pic: This guy jumps off the side of a cliff with a spear in one hand and his life in the other in order to spear a fish. Hell - wouldn't be ablt to see the fish from that distance much less spear it as I jump head first into the water.....

funny extreme fishing

Funny short joke Heaven or Hell? Politically incorrect

Funny short joke - Heaven or Hell? It may be politically incorrect but it is funny. We have a funny wierd sense of doing the stupidest thing simply becuase our leaders, elders, mentors and the like - told us too.

funny short jokes
My father in law told me about how one day he walked into a chinesse resturant and he asked for a meal and then asked how large was the dish [ he didn't want to over eat ] and the owner came running from the back complaining that the dish was fine and told him to sit down. Without thinking he just simply followed the guys instructions without a second thought. Then after a few minutes he realized what happened and he was upset with himself becuase he just followed the guys orders without thinking. He was disgusted with himself that he let the guy tell him what to do and he quitely took it. He said "I am the customer and I let him tell me what to do..?"

I have to admit, I've been there before.... I find myself wondering "Why did I blindly follow what I was told to do?" But then again, I am married......LOL

Glow in Dark IPHONE ??? cool...

Glow in the Dark IPHONE !!! I am not a fan of the Ipone but when I saw this man it looks cool to me.

glow in dark cellphone skin iphone SlickWraps protect all your portable electronic devices with style. It's lightweight skins come in a multitude of colors, designs, and textures, and they that it has been tested to safeguard against fingerprints, dust, scratches, and other stresses. They strive to constantly innovate their product offerings, and recently exclusively launched the iGlowPhone, which turns a plain iPhone or iPad into a glow in the dark conversation piece. Glow in the Dark iPhone

Use SlickWraps on all your electronic gadgets:
Cell Phones
(iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Motorola)
eBook Readers (Kindle Fire)
Gaming consoles
Headphones (Monster Beats)

Made in America Plug: This products is made in the USA, and the mission is to provide supreme protection, while offering an affordable stylish solution to bulky cases.

I am going to have to check out if they have a glow in the dark wrap for my HTC Incredible 2?

Update: Dog gone freaking crap! Only have the glow skin for the Iphone what a %^&*$#@!!!!!!

Find best names for Baby in Sci Fi show?

Find best names for Baby in Sci Fi show?

Baby Names?
How to get & find best baby names ever - Pinterest it? What, yeah - or take it from a popular TV show like I did. That is right, when faced with the big question "what to name my baby girl or baby boy" - forget that this name will follow them thru elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond - just be creative. Or if you can't handle the stress - do what I did, I named my daughter after a Deep Space Nine Star Trek character.... Keira Nyresse.

That's right I admit it, I was a big Trek fan, what of it?

find best name for babyNo seriously, I did. I bring it up because I just got into Pinterest [ it only took forever to join, had to ask to join and then when I was invited - it took three weeks for them to open my account ? ].

But like I was saying, I was getting to know Pinterest and I decided to "Pin" a very funny picture [ at least in my mind ] that I saw at a wordpress blog [ see picture "Hello my name" above - link to pininterest can be found below ].

It was an interesting blog, they were pretty sure what they were going to name the baby if it was a boy - but had no clue what to name it if it was a girl. But the picture - oh, the picture it just made me luagh because it reminded me of when my daughter was about to be born. We could not agree on what to name our baby girl, yes we knew it was going to be a girl [ Mom could not wait, spoiled the surprise for me....].

We spent days and even almost broke out into arguments [ women they can get so emotional when pregnant you know ].

find best baby namesWe were not going to call her by any of our mothers or family member names - we could both agree on that. We wanted something different, certainly didn't want another "Maria" running around the house, we had more than enough people in our family and that we knew that went by that name. No, it had to be different, but this baby name had to be special and boy did my wife come up with special names [ no will not mention them here].

Ofcourse I fell in love with "Keira-Nyresse", what baby girl did not want that as a name - who cared if it was the name of a female character in a sci-fic Star Trek TV show. Ofcourse it took some coasting on my part to convince my wife that the name was beautiful and unique. She finally came around to the idea and it was settled... the big selling point was the fact that this name had to be unique, no one else would have it... right?

Well, it took a couple of years and soon I saw the name Keira everywhere - but at least no one else has Keira Nyresse. My daughter sometimes doesn't like to be called by her full name, why? Because my family is mostly Spanish and when you say Nyresse - with a Spanish accent it sounds like your saying nose in Spanish.... go figure?

find best baby nameSo when and if you are ever faced with trying to find the best baby name ever - think about these two things:

1- a television show can be a great source of inspiration to naming your child and or to find a baby name.

2- consider the many different aspects of a name, like what it means and even what it might sound like in a different accent.

I love my little nose, I mean daughter..... LOL [ you know just in case she reads this.

My Pininterest pins - check me out all social and stuff... Apparently a lot of people have liked it?

The Hunger Games - Is the "Movie" all that? Review

the hunger games

The Hunger Games - Is the "Movie" all that, damn straight it is!
The Hunger Games, the Movie - is it all that - damn straight it is! If you go by the hoopla and the box office numbers - it's the best thing ever. I admit it, I went to see it on its first day – on the ticket line to see the movie I read about how it made $19 million during its midnight showing the night before [ impressive ]. But does this make it a great movie or just the only good thing that was available? Did the hype build up suspense and is it only the teenagers and the pre-teens that made this blockbuster turn out so big?

katniss the hunger gamesThe reason I bring it up is because the only reason why I saw this movie was: 1- It seemed action pack compared to other movies and it gave me the twilight kind of vibe [ yes I liked twilight, I favor the last three so far, but enjoyed the books more ]. 2- My daughter insisted on watching this movie over the Lorax - she is 14 what do you expect and again, she is a big fan of Twilight.

Infact my daughter has all ready caught the "The Hunger Games" craze fan daze. I remember when it was all about Harry Potter and before the Harry Potter movie series were done - here came Twilight and her attention went from Harry to Edward just like that. Now before Twilight has even shown its last movie she is a crazed fan of the Hunger Games and wants me to get her the posters, the pictures and all this other stuff [ your typical teenager ].

That is why I am wondering if the big hoopla about its opening weekend really means that it was a great movie - or just a good movie with a lot of good luck, great timing and awesome promotions?

the hunter games movieThe 'Hunger Games' devours box office with $155M opening
By Joshua L. Weinstein
"The Hunger Games" beat even the most optimistic box-office expectations in its debut weekend, grossing an estimated $155 million domestically and setting several records. Lionsgate's movie opened bigger than any movie ever to open in the period between January and April. It is the biggest non-sequel opening ever and the third-biggest movie opening ever.
More on Hunter Games Movie box office take

Well, the first thing you should know is - Yes, I liked the movie.

the hunger gamesI honestly believe it is a good movie. It gives you a little bit of everything if you think about it. It gives you a PG13 rating so all the kids can go. It gives you drama, a bit of suspense, action and The Hunger Games does a great job of trying to tug on your heart strings - you want to love the main character Katniss. The faults – yes, it has faults: they squeeze too much into The Hunger Games with little in-depth detail. They don’t really build up any of the characters, not even Katniss [ probably not enough time ].

The movie has a slow beginning [ especially if your there for the action ] and it's not because their building up a story line, because they fail to fill in all of the blanks [ if you haven't read the book, like me - you feel like you’re missing something ] - the blanks which were filled in by my daughter who only read half the book because she found it "too slow". My daughter tells me that, and I don't know if it is true, that the first two chapters of The Hunger Games is about “Katniss” in the woods hunting while trying to catch a bird - not a deer like in the movie. This is why I will probably end up reading the book, like I did with Twilight [ I want the facts, details ].

The reason I say that part of the interest in this movie comes from Twilight fans is because, let’s face it, Twilight is over. Most people have read all the books, seen all the latest movies and are moving on... Not that they won’t go to see the last Twilight movie - it's that there is nothing left and they have to cling to something new, something they know will be there next week, next year and beyond that , if only in their hearts and minds.

the hunger games

Hunger Games - Five things you should know if you have not read the Book

Ofcourse fans are fickle and some just hate it if you compare it to Harry Potter or Twilight:

Comment [ On Hunger Games ]
This is totally not comparable with Harry Potter. Hunger Games sucks. Mindless and violent. There has to be a lot of dedicated fans to make so much noise about this goose shit. Kids killing kids for televised entertainment in future America- not sure how this sounds good or fun.

I remember when people were all up in arms about Harry being dribble, about how it promoted witch craft or that it made no sense - that quickly changed after time.
All I can say is: it was a good movie, it could have been better – but it was good. It certainly has enjoyed a favorable time due to luck and even luckier timing, plus a great promotional build up by the masses and not just the movie promoters. Like Harry Potter, Like Bella - it will build a following - it's inevitable. If my daughter is any example of what pre-teens and young teens are like, they will flock from Twilight in droves to become ”The Hunger Games” fanatics. They will go from choosing team Edward or Team Jacob – to the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale Hawthorne. What teenage girl doesn’t love a good love triangle?
That is, until something better comes along.

Ofcourse, in my opinion – this movie does nothing to show a love triangle. Yes, you see the beginnings of” love” with Katniss and Peeta, but it only seems like a close friendship with Gale. But like I said, I haven’t read any of The Hunger Games books – so what do I know.

Inside the New 'Hunger Games' Facebook Game Hunger Games FB

Hunger Games Update: I have been informed by my daughter that Peeta was not wounded as in the movieversion; he lost his leg and was given a prosthetic leg…. I am really going to have to read the book to get the facts.

hunger games the movie
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