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FREE Cellphone is a cheap cellphone ??? Not !!

Why do people think that FREE means Cheap?

I still keep up with all the best cellphone that come out. I still work part time at a cellphone company - so trust me when I say I know about the best cellphones, the cheapest cellphone and the cellphones I wish they would never had invented.

A Free cellphone does not have to be a Cheap cellphone

It’s no surprise - in case you didn’t know: You can get a Free cellphone [ smartphone, Droid ] online. But don’t let the Free price tag cuase you to fall into the cheap cellphone category. And when I say cheap cellphone, I mean cheap.

No my friend, all smart phones are not created equal.

If you came up to me and asked me which cell phone in the smart phone category can I get for free - I would point out several. For instance you can get the Incredible 2, the Revolution, the Bionic all of these are good Droid smart phones that you can get online for - wait for it: FREE.

If you asked me which of the FREE smart phones are cheap as in quality - I would point out the Gem, the Enlighten, Palm [ both ] , and a few others I’ve never bothered to learn their names because they are [ in my sole opinion ] cheap and poor quality. Now, with that said - when I say cheap, I mean that if I stack up the gem smart phone compared to a Droid incredible 2 - the gem is “CRAP”. So when I say cheap I mean as compared to better models.

So, here I am talking to a friend about her great FREE cellphone she just got [ the Revolution ] and trying to help her understand that she has a great phone - and my daughter chimes in: “I want the Gem it’s free, right Daddy.”

So now my friend is giving me that look like: “How come you never mentioned this great Gem phone? “

So I have to explain to my friend that first - my daughter knows nothing about smartphones - just because your young does not mean you know about the best technological toys out there. Second, she has never owned a smartphone [ used her mothers never owned ] so basically she is talking gibberish. Still, I had to go over the specs of each phone to help my friend see that yes she has a great cellphone and it definitely beats the Gem [ anything beats the gem ]. So don’t be fooled - FREE does not mean cheap. But be careful - because cellphone companies love to bring in new customers by offering them FREE cellphones but you can bet your britches they wont give you the best free model out there.

best cellphones
I have seen many a customers walk up to my “ABC” cellphone booth and show me the free cellphone they got over the phone or on the cellphone companies website. They tell me they got it cheaper than what we sell it at my mall booth. I don’t have the heart to tell them that yes that gem or Enlighten you got is - I mean was cheap. So please do the homework people and don’t be afraid to get a FREE cellphone, just make sure you get a good free cellphone and not free as in cheap cellphone.

And as for my duaghter, I decided to get back at my daughter by posting pictures of her talking on the house phone. She talks a lot so we made her use the home phone to save on our minutes. Isn't she cute....

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