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President Praises Military forces and Pentagon wants to increase health insurance fees for military retirees and close bases in the United States

Who the hell do they think they are Kidding!

The President praises the Military for all they do and ask to have the budget on defense reduced and to use the money saved from the 2 wars we are no longer fighting to go to help the Union and the Pentagons response is: OK, lets cut raises and hike up health insurance benefits on the very solders who serve and protect.

Smack of another political game: "hey you said make cuts... didn't you..?"

Pentagon Plan Includes Base Closings and Smaller Raises

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon took the first major step toward shrinking after a decade of war as it announced on Thursday that it wanted to limit pay raises for troops, increase health insurance fees for military retirees and close bases in the United States.

Although the pay-raise limits are modest, and would not start until 2015, the proposed cuts are certain to ignite a political fight in Congress, which since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has consistently raised military salaries beyond what the Pentagon has recommended.

Increasing health insurance fees for former service members and closing bases are also fraught with political risk, particularly in an election year when the Republican presidential candidates are charging that President Obama is decimating the military.
* Pentagon Plan Includes Base Closings and Smaller Raises
Published: January 26, 2012

So, you want to cry wolf and say it's the Republicans right? Well, what if it was President Obama:
"Presenting an equal political challenge was an announcement by Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta that President Obama will ask for another round of base closings and realignments — never popular with a Congress that tries to preserve military spending, and jobs, in local districts."

My father-in-law would argue that it is the Republicans that would be fighting to keep military growing because that's what they do to make thier millions... Well, what would you say to this Democrat:

"There were already objections on Thursday morning, hours before Mr. Panetta made his public presentation. Senator Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told reporters that until the United States shut down some American military bases in Europe, “I’m not going to be able to support” closing down bases in the United States."

And here comes the part where everything is reduced to a number on the bottom line. Forget the people, the human beings tide to that number - remember that you have to cut and it is a lot easier to cut people if you look at them as a number. After all, who needs to cut expenses on buying a one million dollar jet or cutting cost in these production cost that armament builders charge the USA - just cut the numbers [ people ].
" But Pentagon officials have made clear that military personnel costs are on a disastrous course — Mr. Panetta has called them “unsustainable” — and that it is imperative that they be brought under control. As it stands now, the Pentagon spends $181 billion a year, nearly a third of its base budget, on military personnel costs: $107 billion for salaries and allowances, $50 billion for health care and $24 billion in retirement pay. "

What is my argument, my beef? My beef with all this is that they are full of Sh*t. But we all play the same game, it's the Democrats, it's the Republicans, it's not our fault - desperate times call for desperate measures... right?

But like always they never address the real problem, so you raise the fees on medical insurance to the military - but that doesn't stop the gross misuse of medical charges - spend 20 minutes in an emergency room and have the MD only look at you for 5 minutes and you get a $700 dollar bill - what the hell?

But no one says find a way to have the business that charges millions in building a military plane that does not get completed on time and cost the military even more to say: "I'm sorry, we missed the deadline so we wont charge you for our mistakes", no we take it and say we will makes the cuts on the backs of people who sacrificed life, limb and family.

Read full story here: Pentagon cuts

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