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US teen runaway mistakenly deported

US teen runaway mistakenly deported to Colombia ?

This burns my butt....

First, she was not mistakenly deported. If you read the whole story she was arrested for stealing and she gave a false name.

She then was prosecuted, charged, went thru deportation process, arrived in Columbia took her papers, accepted the help and started working at a call center [ without even knowing how to speak Spanish mind you ] and never once told anyone "hey, I am an American citizen". How is that a mistake?

What really burns my butt is that this kid proves the retardation that happens in this world and in any government.
You are sent back to your country [ in this case falsely because she lied about who she was ] and what does Columbia do - hey you broke the law but come here we are going to welcome you home, give you assistance and give you a job - do you speak Spanish? No, it's OK no one really cares at a call help center....

Give me a break.....

Not to mention that she is pregnant? So, did she run away cause she was pregnant or did she get pregnant while on the run and being deported?

And if they give you assistance and a job [ even thou you don't speak Spanish ] why do people leave that country to come to America?

Plus, this girl had another FaceBook account under another false name: this girl looks like she didn't want to come home. Me, I think I might have just left her there? Seems like she had her life in order, doesn't it? She had a place to live, a job, heck she was better off there considering how many people are out of work here in America.

Look, I am a father and I would die if my child ran away, but this story seems to have more. I sadly predict this child will be brought back and will run away again????

US teen runaway mistakenly deported to Colombia

By staff and news services
A runaway 15-year-old Texas girl who was deported to South America after claiming to be an illegal immigrant could soon return home.
Government officials in Colombia said the U.S. Embassy on Thursday submitted the necessary documents for Jakadrien Lorece Turner to return to the U.S.
The Colombian government said the girl had been working in a local call center before her grandmother tracked her down using Facebook and alerted U.S. and Colombian officials.
The Dallas Morning News reported that the teen, who didn't speak Spanish, was pregnant.
A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official said the teen gave authorities a fake name when she was arrested in Houston last year for theft. The name was of a Colombian woman born in 1990, and Turner maintained the name through deportation proceedings.
It's unclear if she'll be charged upon her return for falsifying her identity.

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