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Baby Shower - the things women do in secret?

Baby Shower and the things women do in secret - yeah, I said it.

When my wife, I say my wife becuase last time I checked - I can not create or birth babies, so when my wife was pregnant with our first child I was dragged to my first baby shower. I was dragged there, I sat in a corner and tried very hard to blend into the wall hoping no one would notice me.
When our second child came along, again I was forced to attend the baby shower. At least at this baby shower I had another husband who was dragged to this wonderful [ womens only ] event. I could ignore most of what was going on as I tried to save my manhood as the only other male figure at this baby shower, we talked sports, cars and our shame as we watched these women talk baby, play baby games and so much more.

So, why am I writting about a "Baby Shower and the secrets women keep", becuase I thought that having no future plans to add to my brood [ children ], I thought I could avoid any other baby shower that came along, atleast until my baby girl was fourty got married and had kids at the age of eighty years old.... yes, I am that kind of dad.

But I digress.. sound smart do I not?

baby shower funny womenSo here I am working in the school system and as most schools go, it is over run by women [ not as luxurius as it sounds men ]. So as a happily married man I do alot to avoid uncomfortable situations and a healthy fear of women who confuse politness with a come on - I do alot to keep everything professional. But even with all my best efforts, I find myself watching and involved in the craziness of women activities. There are only 7 men out of a 25 women populace.... And since I manage and maintain the school website, I am expected to be at every event held at the school in order to take pictures and so forth. So even while I thought I would never see another baby shower - I was dragged into a surprise "Baby Shower" and forced to be involved as I took pictures and was obligated to not only be present but attentive of the baby shower event.

baby shower announcementSo there I was, I learned that women do some strange things when they are all grouped together [ I gues like men do ], I think they were a bit conservative becuase they were conciouse of my presence and my so very obviouse camera documenting their every move.

I watched these women talk about what is usually private "talk", they played some fun games as in "baseball diaper game" - where they rolled up diapers into balls which they swatted with a bat into a basket [ atleast that was the goal ]. They created and colored a "Alphabet book" for the new born - watching grown women struggle as they tried to figure out which color they should use to color a letter was strange. But the main event of the baby Shower was the "Pick the Poo" game. That is right, pick the poo game, it is exactly what it sounds like.... Lol.

baby showerIt was a struggle to get some of the pics I did of teachers smelling dirty diapers... ok, i admit it is not what it sounds. apparently someone takes a bunch of different kinds of chocolate and melts them down and individually smears each [ as to make look like Poo ] diaper and the purpose is to have each game player figure out which diaper holds which chocolate: twix, hershy bar, m&m, and others.

It was funny, watching each woman trying to excape my all seeing camera eye as they smalled upclose each diaper to decifer which chacolate "poo" was which... Like I said, women do wierd things and they say men are strange.

baby shower
baby shower

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