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Special Gifts to give on valentines day - Dad not Happy

Special Gifts to give on valentines day - Dad not Happy

Do you need a special gift idea for Valentines day, mothers day, for your anniversary, have you thought of something that will say I love you because I took great thought and care in choosing this special gift or does it say you just got the first thing you saw in the Wal-Mart isle.

Special Gifts to give on Valentines Day

Yes, I had a wonderful valentines day, what I did not enjoy were the days leading up to valentines day. I remember when I was a kid, teen, young adult - how I spent hours trying to find the money first, then trying to come up with the best valentines day gift possible. I always tried to come up with a gift that had meaning, that made a statement, not just some “bling bling“. It could be that the reason I wanted it to mean so much was, because I couldn't afford to buy much “bling bling“.

special gifts valentineI do remember one valentine's day - I had an awesome idea [ hey it happens ]. I had extra money so I bought the largest valentine heart shape assorted chocolate box I could find. I went to a local shop and spent a large amount of money on a teddy bear that was just as big as I was - had to carry that thing four blocks to my girl friends house [ currently my wife.... guess the idea worked...Lol ]. I also shelled out some cash for a dozen roses. Then I went to my babies home [ thank god her Dad was not home ] and I asked her mother to put all these gifts in her room, on her bed if possible, which she did - no I did not go in, her dad would've killed me [ a whole different story..]. In the end, she loved it. In fact we still have that humongous teddy bear, it currently sits in my daughters room.

But now that I am my little girls dad, I found myself if my father-in-laws shoes: my daughter celebrating valentine with her special friend.

special gifts ideasSo here starts my story. My wife tells me about the gift my potential future son-in-law wants to give my daughter and wants , needs, my wife’s help in getting it to her [ weird, wonder why he didn't ask me? ]. Not so bad, I was out of the loop and I could pretend to not notice. But, there is always a but.....

Here we are enjoying our family time and my wife ask me to help her help our daughter to come up with a valentine's gift idea - a manly gift - for my little girls special friend. What, manly gift? Why is she asking me? The reason why was oblivious to me because I didn't want to get involved and was hoping I could distract her long enough to avoid this all together. The next thing I know, my wife convinces my little girl to make her special friend some chocolate covered strawberries in a decorated gift box.... what? Hey, that's my little girl!

special gifts for valentineSo again, I tried to avoid it, because after all ignorance is bliss. But my wife could not leave well enough alone - some how my butt was dragged to the store to help my daughter get the strawberries, the shinny metallic gift box, twine and a Oh, Oh, valentine's day card. It wasn't so bad to get the fruit, but when we went to pick out the valentines card, my little girl refused to pick out a card because I was present [ made me feel bad, no, more like suspicious... ]. Let’s just say that we almost didn't make it out of the store in one piece. And just to let you know, it was not my fault - in fact, I never did see the card she bought.

Ofcourse, it did not end there, we had to wait until the day before valentine's day because the chocolate had to be frozen and would apparently melt if prepared too early. So here is the family gathered around the kitchen watching my baby girl, with the help of mom - create her “special friends” valentine's day “special gift“. So, I grabbed the cell phone and started taking pictures - hey, I was not going to miss this opportunity. Oh, and I did tell her I was going to blog about it.

special gifts ideasIt was stressful, interesting and even fun. My wife found out at the last minute, or so she says, that she had to bring a dish for a valentine's day lunch they were having at work - so I sadly enough did not enjoy not one of those yummy chocolate strawberry delights. Even though every one else did - so unfair.

Just to let you know, my baby like girl arrived home from school with some chocolate, a small little valentine teddy bear and a valentine card from her special friend. I am working up the courage to ask my baby girl if he enjoyed the special gift? That didn’t sound right…….. Forget that, I’m not asking.

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