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Video Chat with up to 12 people at once - for FREE

Video Chat with up to 12 people at once - for FREE

I've been watching my daughter and this interesting Video Chat system - she has instant messaging, video chat, video sharing and she can talk with up to 12 people all at once. For teenagers and large families - I think it's great. Skype is nice but watching my baby girl talking with two of her friends [ her being the third person ] is kind of cool.

Did I mention you can video chat with a group - all at once, at the same time!
How it works? You use group video to video chat with up to 12 people at one time on a call. Simply start a call and then add contacts from your contact list . All platforms including PC, Mac*, Facebook, Android and iOS currently support the group video chat experience. 12-way video chat for FREE

free group video chat Group video feature is the only service that lets you have 12 video windows for FREE.

The free group video chat service can be used for work with colleagues, or just chatting with friends and family ( in my daughters case - gigling about hunger games with her friends ).

To start a group chat simply launch a video call, and then add up to 11 friends! Sounds simple to me, and if my baby girl can downloaded it on to her laptop, set it up and use it with ease - anyone can.

video chat free more than one personI use skype and I like it, but I realized that there was a short coming on Skype - like the ability to video chat to more than one person at a time. So if your like my daughter, teenagers always seem to learn about all the fun new stuff, and want to video chat with more than one person - follow the above links and try it out. Again - the best thing about it: It's Free....

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