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Funny - Barbie found in my Fridge ? could die from cold...

Funny - Barbie found in fridge.
Start of an interesting morning.

OK, who wakes up in the morning with only one thing on their mind [ need a cup of coffee now ] and is confronted with a Barbie doll in the fridge?

Apparently I am the only one to have this happen to them?

how make Barbie cake Really, I knew my wife was making a wonderful decorative birthday cake for my lovely niece, Aaliyah. The cake, this I knew. What I did not know, what I did not expect at seven in the morning after a late night TV binge, that as I opened the fridge door to get milk for my desperately much needed cup of coffee - was to find Barbie staring back at me. It was traumatic, it really was. Those cold blue eyes, glazed lifeless look and oh so creepy smile? She was in the cake, the cake was wrapped in plastic and she had her hands up like as if she was reaching for me... Disturbing.

Of course, after my initial shock, I couldn't help but laugh as I thought - Man this would make a great blog. I normally write blogs about the decorative cakes my wife makes, I know people enjoy it. My wife usually post a pic of her creations on facebook and she gets a large positive response from friends and family.

So this is what I was thinking:
Since I was surprised to find Barbie in the fridge - I figured I could track her progression, from basic to beauty, in the fridge.

After all, I love to help my wife with her creations, it gives me a chance to get the creative juices flowing. Plus she obligates me since she knows I can draw and have an eye for certain artistic things.

It's a curse.

But below you will find several photos of the creation of the Barbie princess cake.

how make Barbie cake
how make barbie cake
how make barbie cake
how make barbie cake

Fun Get-away indoor water park fl coco keys

A fun get away week-end At Water-park hotel Coco Keys

Summer fun week-end trip to coco keys in-door water park - Florida’s best and possibly only indoor water park. That’s right - I took the family on a week end get away and I even took my niece “Aaliya”, hope I spelled her name right, with us. (* read about her scare below)

coco keys indoor water parkIt was great, personally I love Coco Keys hotel water resort. It has an indoor water park - YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT! At least from my point of view. Like I’ve said before, me an the hot cancer causing sun are not friends. My wife may life sitting in the sun baking herself into a nice brown golden {possible cancer causing ] tan - me, I avoid it if I can. After all, he needs to suffer the after effects, like my wife, with the sun burn, the peeling and all that discomfort.

But I like Coco Keys for several other reasons:
The price of the room includes the water park tickets.
They have three water park sections [ of which two are under shade ].
They three sections are slit into child safe, intermediate, and an all out adult like water park section that is in the sun.
They have a large game room, pizza hut and the hotels own restaurant right by the pool. It makes it easy to travel.
They have a pool side karaoke stage - may be one day I’ll get enough courage to try I. Probably get kicked out of the hotel… lol
Some of the hotels rooms are smack dab on the water park - I mean you step out of your room and bang, water slides.
The water park is opened till 8 pm and the hotel pool and hot tub is open till 10 pm [ unless weather conditions deem it necessary to shut down early ].

florida indoor water parkCoco Keys hotel is great! I can keep going on and on about it. Of course - if you get the Florida discount, it usually means you get one of the rooms far away from the water parks. Plus if you have more than 4 people in your room - as it was in my case with my niece joining us on this trip, you have to pay for extra water park tickets. I guess the worst park about the hotel is the traffic, the hotel has, at certain times, heavy traffic congestion. I guess that is why I try not to leave the hotel much when I visit.

coco keys indoor water parkBut on the bright side - you can talk a five minute walk from the hotel to the largest McDoanalds in the world [ I believe ]. You have several restaurants all in walking distance and there is a 10 minute drive to one of the largest movie theaters I have ever been too. Of course, the movie theater has, in my opinion, some of the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in.

The trip was a blast and yes, my wife got plenty of sun. My son made several new friends and spent most of his time riding the slides. My daughter - I feel bad for her, because in all honesty, I did use her a lot to baby sit the younger kids. Aaliya my nice - she had lots of fun. She even convinced me to ride a water slide that I have avoided on every trip I have taken there. But she did give me a scare.

The scariest moment at the indoor water park.

There we were I am being overly protective of my children, especially with my niece Aaliya because after all, she was not my child. Imagine I take someone else’s child on vacation and come back and say: hey, we had a great time, but….. Look about your kid…..

No, not on my watch. But with all my careful watchful care- she still managed to give me a scare. Of all places, in the kiddy section. There we were, sliding down the small kids slide and being dunked in the pool. I was concerned that she could drown, even though the pool area wasn’t deep enough for that to happen. We were having so much fun that I can’t even remember how many times we slide down this slide.

Then it happened. I was always the first one up the ladder and out of the pool watching as my niece and my son followed behind me. This time, my niece insisted that I allow her to climb out first. That she was old enough to do this by herself - like sure, you are five years old. Despite my resistance she one me over and up the ladder I let her go. I watched her intently, after all - if she was going to get her it would be here right? Wrong.

She made it up the ladder and I told her to wait for me as I turned to make sure my son was behind me. All I know is that in a split second of turning my head I heard a thump. As I instinctively turned to look, already knowing in my heart that it was my niece, I saw her picking her face up from the floor. It was like one of those slow motion movie moments. I saw her lifting her head, I could see the pain in her face, the blood in her mouth and bang, then came the screams.

As fast as I could I got out and checked her. The first thing I noticed was that she was missing a tooth. I looked toward the floor as if there was a need to find it. Then it hit me: Oh my God, make sure the loose tooth is not in her mouth and is a possible choke hazard! My wife came up to check her and since I couldn’t find anything in her mouth [ loose tooth ] my wife took her to be checked as I turned to check for the where about of my son.

When my wife returned, my niece was holding a rag and an ice-cream bar the medic apparently bought her [ I learn this latter on ]. My wife explained to me everything was fine and that it was nothing serious - so I asked: what about the missing tooth? My wife informed me that there was no missing tooth. That what appeared to be a broken tooth to me in the heat of the moment was actually a tooth that was finally growing in from a tooth that fell out months ago.

Goodness, I almost died of a heart attack.

The funny thing is, she was scared to go back into the pool and I started to think it was a shame that one scare would keep her from enjoying all these fun water activities. Well, after ten minutes she was back in the pool, going on all the water slides and even dragging my butt along in protest to ride that horrid monster of a water slide. Kids.

All in all - in the words of my niece: This is the best place ever!
If you want a fun place in Florida to take the family to enjoy the sun, pool and some awesome water slides - I still recommend Coco Keys Hotel Indoor Ware park. To learn more about Coco Keys indoor water park hotel from our first visit.

florida indoor water park
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