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Motivating children to LEARN - with a blog ???

Motivating children to learn - with a blog?

How do you motivate children to learn?

That is a good question. For me, I try to find whatever interest my child has and I try to use that to teach them something I may find important. Be it math and the concept of money through a board game. It could be using television programs to teach them family values. It can also be by example, how I live and pointing out ( as to make it known and obvious ) to my children so that they can learn something new or important.

Recently my nine year old son asked me to create a blog for him. He noticed my daughters and I’s small rivalry ( more like my small motivational taunts ) about how many visitors she is getting on her ‘word press’ blog compared to mine. I am pretty sure, just like my daughter did when she was younger, that he will probably lose interest in this blog. But my hope is, whether it is now or in a later date ( such as like my daughter ), this blog will motivate him to be creative.

I am hoping I can motivate him to write, to think about what he wants to write about. I want him to put those creative juices to work and hopefully as he writes, learns to love to blog (write) that he improve his skill as a writer.

For write now I just expect him to write silly little things, take a bunch of pictures and to ask for a lot of help. But as I always say – today he is just interested, tomorrow he may be the next great…. I can hope and dream.

Check out the blog I created for him and his first blog post.

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