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This kitty is not witty but wierd

This kitty is not witty but weird

The internet is littered with thousands of photos and videos of cats. Cats dancing, cats playing, kitty cats trapped in jars. In truth the internet should be called the catnet. With all these pictures of cute cats on the net, I am surprised to find a kitty that is cute yet strangely odd. To use my daughter vernacular: “this kitty is disturbing”.

Now I just have to ask? Is it me or is it the kitty?

Please look at the photo below of this cute little odd and disturbing kitty and let me know what you think.

Trust me; I did not alter this photo. I found it on a wordpress blog: Enjoying the little things

We were sitting around just searching the net and there it was. At first I didn’t notice the odd lips until my little girl pointed them out. This kitty is kind of freaky and I hope this blog was kind of witty.

Please leave a comment about the kitty.

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