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No offense, but why are you showing me your Boobs, tata's or Breast!

No offense, but this man does not want to see your Boobs, tata's or Breast!

I apologize in advance but I am just going to say it: I do not need to see your breast, boobs, tata’s or knockers. Ok, please come to your senses.

I will admit that in my your it was a pass time and I probably would have gotten all giddy and silly if a woman popped out her breast in front of me and started breast feeding her child. Ofcourse, I am pretty sure that in that day and probably today as well – if said woman with her openly exposed boob notices several men staring at her “ample supple” life sustaining membrane – breast, she would scream bloody murder.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been there, seen that. I have been in public places where woman decided to or needed to feed their child and they did so. But they did so discreetly, covered and seeking to shelter the event from preying eyes. And even then I felt uncomfortable. It’s like a deer caught in headlights – you don’t want to look but oddly, for find the urge compelling you too. So you resist, you fight and then you wonder, why is she doing this. After all, again – if she caught someone looking she would be all over that poor soul for being a pervert who is looking at a woman who ‘openly’ is showing off her tata’s at everyone around her. Which brings me to why I bring this up?

Quietly enjoying the internet, seeking information on a topic I am researching am BLAM – boobs in my face. I was not online searching for porn, smut or anything of the sort. In fact I was on a local new site that was talking about politics and BLAM! There goes a baby suckling on a fully exposed breast with Mom smiling into the camera. What the Hell?

Let me get this straight – you call this a protest, exposing your breast?

It’s funny, people are talking about how people should be smarter with what they choose to do online, that your online presence will haunt you forever and may affect your future. But here are woman happily exposing their boobs for all the world to see. So I wanted to see what the protest was all about and this is just a sample of the article I read:

Attention-grabbing nurse-ins, organized public displays of breast-feeding, have become a popular protest tactic for women who want to improve the climate toward nursing in public. But some breast-feeding advocates say the events can do more harm than good.
“At best, they’re ineffective and at worse, they’re offensive and they make it more divisive,” said Deena Blumenfeld, 36, who owns Shining Heart Prenatal Education in Pittsburgh, Pa., where she offers nursing classes. “They make it easier to say, ‘See, look at how crazy these people are,’ rather than maybe, ‘Oh, breast-feeding in public is OK.’”

An ardent supporter of breast-feeding rights, Blumenfeld still nurses her 3 1/2-year-old daughter. But you won't find her latching on at a public protest.

Breast is best... for a protest?
By Lisa Flam @ Today.

So while I am reading about politics a jumbo advertisement pic comes out and shows me this woman with her boob exposed. Sure, the FCC or whatever agency out there would say – ‘well, there was no nipple so it’s ok’. But it’s not ok. What if I would have had my nine year old son with me? Or what about if in public a Mom decides to feed her child and pops out one of her membranes in front of my nine year old son? Is it ok? Oh, and what if he watches, will she smile or ask me to tell my child to look away. Hello people you’re in Public!

Maybe it’s because I am a man and I think logically. But if a woman walked out of her house with a boob hanging out… would any say anything or would we just assume she has kids. By the way – who breast feeds a child until their four or five??????

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