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Why do I hate Valentine’s Day but love this card!

Why do I hate Valentine’s Day but love this card!

You have to admit, Valentine’s Day has a bad ugly history –the beheading of a priest, Rome telling people they can’t marry, and oh, let’s not forget that little massacre in the back ally. Let’s face it people the only reason Romeo and Juliet is considered a romantic play is because they die in the end. That is correct I said it- they die so it’s romantic because we can fantasize about all the things that could have been. When in fact, we all know the truth….
Marriage, mortgage, 2.5 kids, trips to all these places you really do not want to attend and yes – celebrating days like valentines.
I love my wife, but really, I know for a fact that my wife is not waiting for Valentine’s Day for me to show her affection. She reminds me on many occasions that she wants me not to say I love her but show her I love her (did I say she wants this ‘every day’).
It just bothers me that people want to make a big issue out of one day – when in truth that one day means nothing compared to the other 365 days of the year. But God forbid you forget to get flowers, candy and a night out as proof of one’s undying love – oh, but then they want you to take them out to dinner the next weekend too……

But I do love this Valentine Card - I wonder why?
Admit it, you love it too.

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