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Adventure at Sea World: fun family vacation

Adventures at Sea World: funny family vacation

It’s a sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. The temperature is a cool 68 degrees with a mild breeze that makes you feel good in the sun but chilly in the shade – it’s my kind of day. It’s spring break and the family is going out to one of Florida’s extravagant parks: Sea World.

My son has been talking about wanting to visit sea world for about 2 years – I will be honest, it’s not my kind of thing. Ever time my son and wife mentioned “Sea World” I thought – why, it’s like visiting the zoo. I know they have some rides like the Manta rollercoaster, the Kraken and the Journey to Atlantis … but I am not a fan of coasters.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is all about the family experience. I believe it is about giving my children a wonderful fun filled family vacation they can cherish the rest of their lives. I just couldn’t see Sea World offering that. To me it only brought images of walking around the zoo hoping my son finds something to be interested about. And to be honest – the first hour was not looking good.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at Sea World?

Well, on this trip it was find a nice place to eat. We stopped by the Voyager’s Smokehouse to have some ribs (by now most people know that its my favorite meal)- but taking a glance at the extremely high prices and the very small portions – my wife opted for something that was not going to break the bank. So off we went for something better.

Eating at the Spice Mill: The place looks nice. The names of the meal sound fancy... But the food... let’s just say they forgot to and any spice to the meal, it’s all just decor. I’ve had better food at McDonalds. And the price: I could have eaten three days at McDonald's. So if you visit sea world – go ahead and skip the spice mill if you want to eat something fitting the occasion. Tip: when at Sea World – bring lots of cash to spend on food, If I visit Sea World again – I am going all out and trying the “Sharks Underwater Grill & Bar”…. Sometimes you have to splurge. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint like the Spice Mill.

Sea World has more than what I expected:
If there is one thing I would most definitely suggest for people to see at Sea World – it would be “A’lure the call of the ocean” show at the Nautilus Theater.

The show ‘A’lure the call of the sea’ was wonderful. The entire show is an acrobatic shock to the eyes and a wonder to the mind. Granted you get that cheap theatrical feel when it starts but after 3 to five minutes into it the flying acrobatics stunts keep you enthralled with the shows wonder.
I was amazed and my 14 and 9 yr old were mesmerized with the show. I admit, some of the stunts some of the men were doing reminded me of the old kung fu movies I used to watch as a kid. The running up ropes, performing all sorts of flips and more was captivating, not to mention the part where they soar above the crowd (so glad we got front seats).

Second best Sea World show is: ‘Clyed & seamore take Pirate Island”. It’s a show with sea lions and two other animals. It’s very funny and the actors are wonderful – especially when they have to adlib when the animals refuse to do what is expected. The beginning the show starts with a mime that escorts people into the stadium seats and does a very good job of poking innocent fun at the audience he helps direct to seats. It’s indescribable – you simply have to see it for yourself.

Who goes to Sea World and doesn’t see Shamu?
With a small disappointing argument ( I was not going to get wet) we figured out an amicable solution to our seating arrangement. Well they wanted to get wet and Shamu did not disappoint. They are soaking wet. I feel bad for the three year old that was standing on his father’s lap right in front of us. The father had to carry out his crying son who got a boat load of water splashed in his cute little face.

Odd thing to see: I think I saw a group of Shamu whales walking down the strip?
One of the oddest things I've seen today is a group of stuff whales. I saw 3 blue, 2 red and one black Shamu walking ahead of me. At first I thought it was coincidence but the closer I got the more obvious it became: it was a family all wearing group t-shirts and each was carrying a stuffed giant Shamu....Interesting. I am a frugal individual so it shocked me to think that each individual family member needs a 4 foot stuffed shamu.

But after thinking about it – that’s what these little family vacation trips are all about. You eat too much, are amazed by the wonders you see and yes – you should expect to spend way too much. After all, wonderful family memories are priceless.

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