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Do you need Chicken Diapers?

You wiil be Surprised!

You would be surprise how some people make money. I thought that that is was strange when first I read about it but apparently it is true – honest. It seems that in my desire to teach my kids about how money and the world works – in my attempt to teach them that success ( financially speaking ) can be achieved in many different ways, I run into more and more – simply put: weird stories.

Imagine if you will: your child tells you that they can do something or that they are average. So you try to teach them with real world experiences of how people can be successful in life and it can be done by being different. That life is not a cookie cutter mold but that everyone is an individual and yes even the craziest ideas can make you rich.

Now I say "Rich" because after all – who doesn’t want to be rich. Oh stop lying ( I can already hear some of you saying “I don’t want to be rich” ). Even people who say they don’t want to be rich want to be rich. How do I know? It’s simple, offer someone who says they do not want to be rich a million dollars and watch them gleefully accept it. Sure they will give you the old song and dance that it’s so that can do good in the world but in truth whether you want it for selfish or honorable deeds – you still want it.

But back to my point: How do I teach my kids that success is not hard, that they shouldn’t give up and they should not so easily give up especially on an idea others may say is insane or crazy: by giving them the ridicules but honest true stories of successful people who did what most would consider crazy.

I thought it was crazy when I read about the man who made a million dollars by selling – wait for it: The Pet Rock. That’s right, the man comes up with the idea in a bar and in six months made over a million dollars. Now of course it was a fad and it only lasted about six months but none the less he made a fortune with that crazy idea. But if you think that is crazy, wait until you read about the woman who makes a living selling – wait for it: Diapers for chickens?
Don’t laugh it’s true – I’ve even visited her website which is still up and live ( as of 4-30-13 ). Read all about it below.

Chicken Diapers Pay Off
When Americans went crazy over pet chickens, one entrepreneur seized the inevitable opportunity.
BY S. Irene Virbila|October 20, 2010

Entrepreneur: Ruth Haldeman, analytical chemist and founder of of Hot Springs, Ark., maker of bespoke avian underwear.

What possessed her: Haldeman moved to rural Hot Springs in 2002 and promptly took in a couple of orphan chicks. She soon discovered chickens poop--a lot. In the interest of keeping her house relatively clean, Haldeman broke out her sewing machine and designed a roomy cloth diaper with a disposable liner. As time went on, she made them in several sizes. Chickens, it seems, outgrow their diapers.

Startup: Basically, no costs. The first diapers were made from fabric scraps. When orders started pouring in, Haldeman ordered a few bolts of cotton blend and tricot, and built a website where a small, hand-sewn diaper sells for $9 ($14 for big birds).

Payoff: Haldeman inspired a flock of imitators, and for competitive reasons will not disclose revenue. "My little venture took on a life of its own and dragged me willy-nilly into it."

Why this is serious business: America is having a chicken moment. The ranks of pet-chicken owners are swelling (to more than 60,000--up from 35,000 just a year ago, according to The diapers let owners spend quality time with their birds without having to deal with major stain removal afterward.

Customers: Chicken fanciers from across the U.S., plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. Most order a couple of diapers at a time, though one woman ordered 20 in various colors ("She had just two birds and spoiled them rotten," Haldeman says). Since birds come in all sizes and shapes, owners should measure the bird carefully before placing an order. Birds old enough to have stiff tail feathers can wear a diaper, but Japanese bantams require low-rider diapers.

"Aha" moment: Posting the pattern on Yahoo!'s "House Chickens" forum. It caused a stir, but most chicken fanciers didn't want to sew one--they just wanted to buy one.

2011 and beyond: Haldeman is looking to hire extra help. Right now she can't keep up with the

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