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Need your help - will you?

Need your Help - will you?

My daughter is a good kid and really smart. I am proud to announce that she has been nominated as a 2014 Florida Ambassador of Music. She has been one of the few invited to go with a band that with go to Europe to play music for people across the world and to see some historical places like Dachau where they will see with their own eyes what they have only read about in passing – the Holocaust.

While I am very proud of her I am also dreading her going. She has quickly asked me for help – in that oh so whinny teen age way “Dad I need money pleeeeeease help me!”

I took the high road and I reminded her that she has to learn how to think for herself and that if she truly wants this – she should work to solve her problem. Not that I am a mean dad, it’s just as I have tried to teach her these many years, is that she has to learn how to succeed on her own. She cannot rely on me and she needs to learn how to plan, create, work, struggle, learn from mistakes and most of all – never give up.

So when she quickly asked me for money – I said “You have to raise it yourself”.
I know it sounds mean and it would have been easy to say I’ll help you and give her all the ideas she needs – but I didn’t want that. I wrote an entire book for her and her brother for this very reason: one day I will not be here and I want her to be able to stand on her own two feet, money wise, success wise and as a whole person.

I am proud to say that after a small amount of whining she disappeared into her room. I say that I am proud because the next day my wife announces to me that my little girl took it upon herself to go online to create a website, opened a paypal account and started working on how to promote her “support Kiki Europe trip” efforts.

Of course I soon found myself helping her in her endeavor which brings me to the rest of this post:

Please Help Kiera, who has been nominated as a 2014 Florida Ambassador of music to reach her goal.

How to help:

This is a once in a life time opportunity and while as a father I dread the idea of my little girl leaving the state much less the country – I would like her to experience this. This is only done every two years and this will be her last chance to go.
Personally I am afraid – but if I want my little girl to succeed in life, I guess I have to swallow my fears and help my little girl to achieve more in life.
Please Help ....
please help band

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