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Funny, the future is NOW

Funny - the future is now, check it out.

Remember watching all those futuristic movies and cartoons and wondering to yourself - is that how the future will be? Then the sad truth of reality hit when you grew up and even now - we can't even build a decent flying car, much less fly into space or live on the moon.

So I guess people have just gotten tired of waiting for the future to happen and have brought the future to us in the here and now. Take a look at some of these pic's and tell me this doesn't remind you of all those space movies or cartoons.

Eric Wong, the managing director of a capsule bed manufacturer, and his son Osbert pose in capsule beds in Hong Kong. They are aimed at university students and budget travelers visiting the territory from mainland China.

funny image future is here

A visitor walks past rows of closet-sized sleeping quarters in Moscow's first micro-hostel.

funny image space capsole hotel

Manager Akiyoshi Kaneko inspects sleeping compartments at the Capsule and Sauna Century Shibuya in Tokyo. The capsule concept started out as lodging for businessmen working or partying late who missed the last train home and needed a cheap place to sleep. But capsule rooms like these are growing more popular in these budget-conscious times.

space odossy funny sleeping quarters

A reporter gets comfortable in a capsule in the Qingdao hotel. The rooms measure around 6 feet by 3 feet wide and are 4 feet high.

funny hotel sleeping room

Eric Wong stretches out in a capsule bed. The capsules, which are modified for the Hong Kong market, have adjustable ceilings, air conditioning and TVs.

funny reminds me of futuristic cartoons

While the sleeping quarters at the Capsule and Sauna Century Shibuya are tiny, guest have access to hotel facilities that are much like any other hotel. Personally, I like private bathrooms and showers..... check out the guy in the sauna?

open china funny bathrooms

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