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Kindle Ebook, slipping into madness - someone kill me already!

Kindle EBook, slipping into madness - someone kill me already!

How did we ever survive without technology – its wonderful right? Not, not if it means little ‘bots’ roam the internet with a pre-written generalized order and end up creating havoc and accounts because there are no human beings that do these jobs.
But let me explain my rant before I go on.

kindle amazon blocked account why
I am a simple self published author who wrote a book for his two children as a Christmas gift. His children liked the books very much and even the wife (including several other non bias people) were very impressed with the book. So I humbly put it on Amazon and after receiving a few order decided that this being a digital computerized world – people will buy eBooks instead of hard or soft cover (physical books).

After I put it on kindle I decided to put it on B&N’s nook, Google books, Kobo and left it at that.
Like I explained to the wife – I don’t expect to sell millions of copies but I would like to sell a few. After all, the book is something personal, it’s a part of me, and I created it for my children and poured much of my heart in to it.
My point?

My point is that I go to my author kindle account and there is an issue – no word from kindle, no explanation in or on my account. I can use the account, I can check reports and all that – I just can’t do anything with the rest of the account (the side that deals with my ebook file, pricing and all that).

So lo and behold – there is no number to call, no online tech or customer service to speak with – the contact link leads you to a generalized page that ask you for “what is your problem” and then does nothing else than to inform you that you may be contacted in 24 hours – hello?

I am sure if I owed them money they would call me, email, send me letters - but since I am the one with a problem, “good luck Charlie trying to get a hold of anyone here bub” is the attitude I am getting. What good is all this technology if when you need help, you can’t get help.

kindle ebook for children

I believe I mentioned this in one of my blogs once: I refuse to use those automated self-service cashier centers at the stores. As I explained to my wife, because I do not want to be the one to cause someone their job (even if people complain of low wage) and because if something goes wrong – I want a living breathing human being to help me.

Here I am: call the bank – machine. I call the cell phone company – machine. I call any company that says they care about their customers and what do you and I get – a machine that seems to do its best to keep us - you or me from getting real help.

Ever noticed that when the company has a problem with you – you get a call from a person, a human being?

Here I am in need of help with a simple and probably small problem – but can I get any help at all, no. I have to sit and wait until someone decides to read my email and considers if I am important enough to call back. This is truly annoying. Viva the information age.

This is just another reason why I prefer physical books to ebooks – your nook or kindle breaks, lose account or ebooks disappear – good luck Charlie.

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