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Me on Live Radio, does my hair look good? funny and live

Me on Live Radio, does my hair look good?

Doing some volunteer work at our local radio station: 104.9 FM.

Imagine, me on the air! The radio waves will never be the same.

Today I and the kids spent some time at the local radio station: Voz de la Verdad.

My mother-in-law works as a volunteer at the radio stations office and needing the help - my daughter was recruited by grandma to help with some much needed work. And I – well, I somehow was asked to join in on the fun, I mean work. I mean I was glad to help where ever I could.

funny on the radio and online
Of course being the kind of person that I am, I couldn’t help but think of and to start taking some pictures of me “pretending” to be on the air. Check out the picture – I look good don’t I? And that was even before I got my wonderful, I’m too sexy for my…. cool hair cut.

But it all wasn’t fun and games. I did learn of few things: being on radio is not what everyone thinks it is.

The kids and I learned today that running a radio station, be it small or large takes a lot of work. For instance my daughter help compile some music files and merged the information necessary to identify files that only had music to the files that give the music title, name of artist and other descriptive information.

Between running the station with five different computers, learning that they have to use a large amount of software they have to learn how to use and maintain: was a shock. Personally I am not sure I could keep up with it all – I guess this is why they need all the help they can get.

radio voz de la verdad

Now I wasn’t on air today, but my father-in-law is planning on starting his own Sunday morning half hour radio show and he wants me to give him a hand. He wants’ me to handle the technical side of things and to do a bit of talking on air. So even though I didn’t get a chance today to be on air, but possibly in the future, me – little old me will be able to be heard by thousands of people over the radio waves and online.

Maybe, just maybe it might be my ticket to fame, fortune and stardom…..

maria on voz de la verdad
radio voz de la verdad

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