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Hello Kitty Beer? Real - not a Joke!

Hello kitty Beer?
Hello Kitty beer - no it is not a joke.
The cartoon cat aims to get Chinese women to buy a low-alcohol brew. If a former boy band and The Simpsons can sell beer, then why not Hello Kitty?

So, Hello Kitty is selling beer these days, and the business world is suddenly a wellspring of moral outrage.

Please. Sit back, have a beer and let's pretend we all know that Sanrio's flagship character is nearly 40 years old and has fans making retirement plans. "What about the children," you say? What about the even more cynical marketing behind this latest move?

The cans of six fruit-flavored brews -- including peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit, and banana -- all have the purposefully cute cartoon cat on the can. Does that mean they're angling for kids? Not any more than the presence of Samuel Adams on Boston Beer's (SAM -0.51%) products is a lure for middle school social studies students.

No, the Hello Kitty beers are available only in China and Taiwan, restricted to roughly 2.5% alcohol by volume (or half that of a Budweiser) and are aimed at those nations' adult women.

Marketing to kids of any gender is already unwise, but particularly so in China -- where nearly 56% of men drink and the World Health Organization says high-risk alcohol consumption among them "has reached epic proportions."
As a result, Chinese women don't exactly have a high opinion of beer, thanks to a rate of alcoholism that counts 33 males to every one female. Going after those women with an intoxicating, higher-alcohol brew associated with a boozy night out just isn't going to work.

Tone down the alcohol and soften the image with the more pleasant Hello Kitty, however, and those teetotaling drinkers may enjoy an alcoholic beverage at a much safer pace.
At least that's one theory. The other is that sometimes a beer brand needs a hand from a recognizable name. Here in the U.S., beer companies have lent their labels to former boy band Hanson, the HBO show "Game Of Thrones", Sub Pop Records, sports radio host Dan Patrick, Major League Soccer's D.C. United, MLS fan groups the Timbers Army and Emerald City Supporters, and "Iron Chef" Masaharu Morimoto.

That the company behind the Hello Kitty beers thinks it needs a cartoon cat to appeal to female drinkers is discouraging, but the use of nostalgia and a beloved childhood favorite to sell beer isn't unprecedented. Just ask Universal Studios, which pours both a version of Duff Beer from "The Simpsons" and an interpretation of Butterbeer from the Harry Potter series that can be topped off with a shot of rum.

By Jason Notte
Hello Kitty beer advertisement (© Taiwan Tsing Beer Company via Facebook)

Create 7 Habits tickets for behavior in school (leader in me)

How to make 7 Habits ROAR tickets for student behavior

Our school like most use “ROAR” tickets (or some form of ticket) system to promote good behavior – such as the behaviors found in the 7 habits leader in me program. Just like most schools everything at school has revolved around the seven habits and I was given the job of creating a new layout for our “ROAR” tickets with a 7 habits them.

seven habits roar store tickets for behavior
I have to say – I wanted to go all out.

I didn’t just add some leader in me 7 habits element into our roar tickets – I redid the entire thing by scratch. Personally I think it came out pretty well and I am not just saying because I did it – Our school Principal and a few others have fallen in love with it (Hope the unveiling goes off just as well).
Note: I created a sheet of seven tickets each one had a different 7 habits quoted on it.

Seeing as others may want to do the same thing I decided to create a short tutorial on how to create a similar 7 habits themed ticket for your schools use. Here goes.

What I used and programs you may need.
Word Paint (several windows opened at once)
Power Point
An image editor (I use Irfan View for cropping, resolution, resizing and etc.)
* Internet – sometimes it is easier to get ideas than to create fresh ideas (everyone needs help)

How I started
I had already created certain images to use on Facebook, school website and for school forms. Such as our school mascot which by the way took me several days of work on Microsoft word paint. I collected the images I needed for my idea (roar ticket theme) and I opened several window paint files.

(* don’t be ashamed to use any free non-copyrighted images that are online, I know not everyone is creative with a pencil and pen - as in drawing an image from scratch.)

The reason I open several windows of paint is to be able to cut and paste images to one file (word paint work area) in order to be able to avoid making a mistake and having to start from beginning (I love copy and paste).

If you did not know I always work with white back ground in order to use the “transparent” feature of copy and paste. I worry about adding color later, especially since most of the images I had were already colored in and the background was the only thing I needed transparent. Why is this important – because, it helps in overlaying images on top of each other. Sure I can use adobe products to do this – but I find it easier this way (Maybe it’s because I don’t want to go through all the trouble of learning adobe’s product)

Tip: I use power point to create fancy lettering and to use it’s tilt feature which I later “cut and paste” to my image as needed.

As you can see by the finished product the wild cat mascots had is overlaid on large roar text – which I used “Showcard Gothic” as the font. I also overlaid the roar words over our schools very familiar wild cat paw print. Just to give a bit of flair and familiarity since the mascot was a new image we adopted this year.

The large seven with the circle was taken from an old image and alter to how I wanted it and I added the words “Habits” to it to fill the need of the theme. Then it was just a matter of deciding what kind of border I would create and then it was just a question of cut, paste, clean up by erasing junk (when over lapping images that you copied from others or website you may need to clean by cutting and erasing residue that remains and is seen when using transparent feature).

The rest was simply trial and error.

My suggestion: make image large. Why? Because when you save and open it in image editor you can keep the resolution high for better crisp look when printing and still resize image to your desired size. In the case of my image I resized it to about 3.2 widths and 2.2 heights (a bit smaller than a business card).

I hope this was helpful to you and by all means leave me a comment below.
Thank you.

Talk about Fox" Sleepy Hollow or large Gator my nephew caught?

Talk about Fox "Sleepy Hollow" or large Gator my nephew caught?

Have I run out of things to talk about on my blog?
Have I simply run out of ideas to talk about?
Or have I just been to busy - or worst, my life has become so boring that I have nothing I think would be of interest to you?

Well to be honest I have been way too busy to keep track of my blog (Sorry).
Between all of the creativity I have been using on my Facebook page: Do well in school page. I have even spent several days and weeks creating interesting "status" updates for the Fred Wild school page I manage (thefredwild). I just simply have not had the time to come and write here at my blog.

So what will I talk about on this blog post?
teen catches large gator

Well, how about the fact that my nephew thought it would be so cool to go gator hunting with his friends and believe it or not they actually caught a gator - the even sent me a picture to prove it. They text me saying that the gator was still alive in the pic ( I don't believe it).

Sure the picture proves that they caught a gator ( why did they even want to go out and catch a gator is beyond me) but to say that the gator was still alive while they were taking pic's - that's hard to swallow - and if true (bad move, hope it doesn't bite one of them). So, you have to wonder: what do young teen age boys do when they have nothing else to do on a cool Saturday night - You got it, they go Gator hunting (this must only happen down south).

You have to admit - it sure does make a great Facebook picture - sure to get a few FB likes.

Of course I am one to talk - while my nephew is hunting Gator, the most exciting thing I've done this week (at least to me) was watch the Pilot to "Sleepy Hollow" on FOX.

I personally like it. It's a bit of a cross between Nicolas cage's National Treasure, mixed in with bible revelations end of the world and for a bit of pizzazz - throw in some witches and the revolutionary war? Yes you heard me. It was an interesting pilot show - let's see if they can keep me interested (because I really need a good show to watch - lately everything on TV has been "so - so" and with so many of my favorites shows on Hiatus and need something good to watch.

Sleepy Hollow on Fox

new show sleepy hollow
Welcome to SLEEPY HOLLOW, the thrilling new mystery-adventure drama from co-creators/executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (the “Star Trek” and “Transformers” franchises, “Fringe”).

In this modern-day twist on Washington Irving's classic, ICHABOD CRANE (Tom Mison, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”) is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers. Revived alongside Ichabod is the infamous Headless Horseman who is on a murderous rampage in present-day Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod quickly realizes that stopping Headless is just the beginning, as the resurrected rider is but the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and only one of the many formidable foes that Ichabod must face to protect not only Sleepy Hollow, but the world.

As Ichabod finds himself in 2013's Sleepy Hollow, he discovers a town he no longer recognizes and grapples to understand. Teaming up with Lt. ABBIE MILLS (Nicole Beharie, “42,” “The Good Wife,” “Shame”), a young cop who has her own supernatural experiences, the two embark on a mission to stop the evil that has awoken along with Ichabod and that now is seeping into this once-sleepy town.

Clues from the past enlighten mysteries in the present, as each episode features a flashback to Ichabod's life in 1776. Ripe with untold stories from American history and cloaked in mythology, the divide between present and past becomes dangerously blurred. Lives are in the balance, including that of Ichabod's late wife, KATRINA (Katia Winter, “Dexter”), who is trapped in a mysterious netherworld. In his pursuit to save her, Ichabod uncovers secrets about her, leaving him with countless questions.

Not everyone believes Ichabod's tales of 1776 and supernatural evils, especially the new head of Abbie's police precinct, Captain FRANK IRVING (Orlando Jones, “The Chicago 8,” “Drumline”). When faced with bizarre events he can't explain, Capt. Irving reluctantly turns to Ichabod and Abbie to investigate.
tv new series sleepy hollow

Ichabod's extensive first-hand knowledge of our country's hidden history, coupled with Abbie's superior profiling and modern threat assessment skills, make them a formidable duo. The complex pasts of the pair, from Ichabod's inclusion in the powerful and secretive Freemasons Society to Abbie's childhood visions, will help them solve the intricate puzzles of Sleepy Hollow in order to protect its – and the world's – future. As history repeats itself, the oddly-linked pair will draw on the real stories and secrets this nation was founded on in their quest to stop an increasingly vicious cycle of evil.

Children can be Successful, excel and love school - yes!

Children can be successful, can excel in school and love it!

What inspires me? Seeing children realize that they can achieve more in life.

Have you ever seen a child – the moment they get an idea, when they realize they know the answer to a difficult question? That moment the inquisitive look on their face turns into a smirk and that “I know this” attitude smile appears? It’s what I live for; it’s what I look for in my own children and desire for all children.

motivating children to learn

Children can be successful, can excel in school and love it!

And above all things, when they understand that – while their situation or current economic status may be a hindrance, it shouldn’t stop them from achieving more in life. It shouldn’t stop them from dreaming big dreams for their future. When a child can dream, they continue to have hope – hope is what helps all of us, adult, teen or child to continue to move forward despite life’s many difficulties.

This quote from Jim Rohn reminded me of one true fact: it is not only about motivation – an eagerness to do something; motivation is not the key, education is. A child that is motivated to excel in education, in knowledge, in the continue search of learning will be full of hope for the future. These children are our future, the next generation – we should stop looking to belittle them and search to help them to learn, to use the tools necessary to build a better tomorrow for themselves and for the world at large.

I was shown this video (see below) and my first reaction was inspiration, then came a desire that lead to motivation: I want my kids, my nephews and nieces and the children at the school I work at – I want every child to have this attitude, this desire: we can win.

brooklyn castle
14 Year Old Chess Champ Justus Williams Heads to World Chess Championships to Represent the USA (2012)

This National Master at Chess is Featured in the Critically-Acclaimed Documentary "Brooklyn Castle"

NEW YORK – Justus Williams, the 14 year old high school student from the Bronx who broke the record and became the youngest-ever African American "National Master" according to the U.S. Chess Federation, and led his junior high school team (Brooklyn’s I.S. 318) to the high school national championship.

Williams is one of five New York City teens profiled in the critically-acclaimed and award-winning documentary BROOKLYN CASTLE, about I.S. 318 the junior high school in Brooklyn that is home to nation’s most-winning chess team and happens to be a Title 1 school where more than 60% of families are below the poverty-level.

In the movie, Williams enters I.S. 318 as a 6th grader who must manage the high expectations and pressures that come along with achieving remarkable success in the chess world at such an early age.

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