Motivate 'Children' to do well in school!
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Children can be Successful, excel and love school - yes!

Children can be successful, can excel in school and love it!

What inspires me? Seeing children realize that they can achieve more in life.

Have you ever seen a child – the moment they get an idea, when they realize they know the answer to a difficult question? That moment the inquisitive look on their face turns into a smirk and that “I know this” attitude smile appears? It’s what I live for; it’s what I look for in my own children and desire for all children.

motivating children to learn

Children can be successful, can excel in school and love it!

And above all things, when they understand that – while their situation or current economic status may be a hindrance, it shouldn’t stop them from achieving more in life. It shouldn’t stop them from dreaming big dreams for their future. When a child can dream, they continue to have hope – hope is what helps all of us, adult, teen or child to continue to move forward despite life’s many difficulties.

This quote from Jim Rohn reminded me of one true fact: it is not only about motivation – an eagerness to do something; motivation is not the key, education is. A child that is motivated to excel in education, in knowledge, in the continue search of learning will be full of hope for the future. These children are our future, the next generation – we should stop looking to belittle them and search to help them to learn, to use the tools necessary to build a better tomorrow for themselves and for the world at large.

I was shown this video (see below) and my first reaction was inspiration, then came a desire that lead to motivation: I want my kids, my nephews and nieces and the children at the school I work at – I want every child to have this attitude, this desire: we can win.

brooklyn castle
14 Year Old Chess Champ Justus Williams Heads to World Chess Championships to Represent the USA (2012)

This National Master at Chess is Featured in the Critically-Acclaimed Documentary "Brooklyn Castle"

NEW YORK – Justus Williams, the 14 year old high school student from the Bronx who broke the record and became the youngest-ever African American "National Master" according to the U.S. Chess Federation, and led his junior high school team (Brooklyn’s I.S. 318) to the high school national championship.

Williams is one of five New York City teens profiled in the critically-acclaimed and award-winning documentary BROOKLYN CASTLE, about I.S. 318 the junior high school in Brooklyn that is home to nation’s most-winning chess team and happens to be a Title 1 school where more than 60% of families are below the poverty-level.

In the movie, Williams enters I.S. 318 as a 6th grader who must manage the high expectations and pressures that come along with achieving remarkable success in the chess world at such an early age.

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