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Funny – You’re “Fired” over Face Time – WT???

Funny – You’re “Fired” over Face Time – WT???

Now I have seen it all – my Buddy was fired not by email, over the phone or by snail mail but while on Face Time on her Iphone? Wow, how technology has truly changed our lives. It’s bad enough to get the axe – but to be fired by your boss over Face Time on your Iphone. I am pretty sure that Steve Jobs was probably the first to do this – may be Donald Trump needing to spice of his lagging rating could use this idea: You can win a prize to be the one to fire the Celebrity apprentice. All you need is face time.... ready set go: You’re Fired!

Here is how I found out and to make it interesting I will show you the conversation we had over instant messaging on Face Book – oh how we love technology.

funny silly fired by bose over face time

funny joke facetime fired

silly funny fired joke on facetime

I guess the Boss was afraid to see her face to face but didn't want it to be too impersonal.... LoL

What we do for FUN - duct Tape Mr Tunning (see video)

How to motivate children? Well you bribe them with something crazy Fun. We had a fundraiser going on in our school and one of the prizes we had if the students reached their fundraising goal was to - drum roll please...... You Duct Tape Assistant Principal Mr. Tunning to a Pole.

You have to admit it was a grand motivator - the kids worked real hard to reach their goals and by golly they did that and so much more. It was truly an inspiring site to see how all the kids pulled together, how they motivating each other and how they challenged each other to do more.

I have to say, I was just as excited as the kids were on the day of the event. The school was buzzing with excitement – the air was super charge and it was a wonderful sunny but cool day. Assistant Principal Tunning had his entire family there to root the kids on (personally I was a bit concern – what if his little girl would have thought that duct tapping her dad to a pole was dangerous – or that it would hurt him?) Luckily the family was in good spirits and his children had a blast.

I myself had three cameras going – I had several people taking pictures as I recorded as much as I could on video. It was hard trying not to laugh – I didn’t want my voice coming out on video. Of course as you can tell by the video there was no lack of noise.

All in all in was a good start to a Friday morning and an awesome way to start a three day week end for me. Sometimes working in a school, being involved in a local school – helping children, motivating children, seeing them laugh, it does wonders for you.

Teaching my 9 yr old how to write

I am teaching my son how to improve his writing skills. Well in truth - after watching some YouTube videos on how some of these educational curriculum changes seem more harmful than helpful, I have stepped up my efforts in all of his educational needs.

Today we finished up on a simple writing assignment he was given, in short he was asked to choose ten out of his twenty or so spelling words and to write a short story. I have mentioned it before and I am not ashamed to mention it again – I am not a writer and by God I need all the spell checking and grammar help the word processer program can offer me.

This is the finished story
Notwithstanding, I think I can handle a bit of fourth grade level writing, of course it sounds easier than it really is. For instance like many a parent – I fell into the trap of simply dictating to my child what he should write. Luckily he had already come up with an interesting story and as I found myself correcting his work without allowing him to give any input or even explaining to him the how or why I was asking him to make so many changes – he quickly blurted out to me “But my teacher said I have to do the work!”.

Here is where teaching becomes difficult – How do you explain to a child what you want him to learn without actually giving him the answer? I was in a 2nd grade classroom the other day and I watched as a teacher tried to introduce the “Associative properties” of addition in math. No matter how many times she repeated her statements the students would not respond back with the correct answer. In the end she found herself giving the students the answers to the worksheet as she went along.

So, how did I do with my son? Was I able to avoid doing the work for him instead of helping him to learn how to do it on his own? Well, it took two days of one hour sessions to finish a decent short story of about two hundred words. The hardest part of the whole process was trying to get him to come up with the ideas without having to actually give it to him. Oh, it didn’t stop him from asking for hints nor as he put it “Can you start the sentence for me?” No, I had to find interesting ways to get him to think of an idea and then help him refine what he had created.

For example: a few of the words he chose were sandwiches, daisies and ambulances. So after establishing in the story that the three characters drove ambulances for a living I asked him to create a sentence that would 1. Keep the flow of the story and 2. Make actual sense. Why, because he was simply throwing sentences together – so I asked him: when people work what do they do that you can use to create a sentence with that uses the word sandwiches? He came up with the concept that people eat and therefore they wanted sandwiches. So I asked him: where could they get a sandwich – his response was, from a sandwich shop. Then I asked him how can we tie in another one of the words on your list using this very same sentence – it took a bit of frustration but we finally arrived at the sentence where they bought sandwiches at the sandwich shop that was named Daisies.

I have to give teachers credit – I was working with only one child, my child and there were moments there where I wanted to rip my own hair out from the frustration I was feeling. But in the end it turn out well – he still needs work and like all children he will forget and will need to have this repeated to him over and over again. But that is par for the course. My concern is – with some of these strange new teaching methods – what chance does a child have who doesn’t have an involved active parent to help?

Teacher Appreciation – Fred Wild and Office Max

Teacher Appreciation – Fred Wild and Office Max

a day made better office maxSometimes all it takes to change how a day is going – is to have someone show a little bit of appreciation for all the work you do. Today was that kind of a day for one lucky elementary school teacher at Fred Wild Elementary in Sebring, Fl.

The last few years Office Max has been hosting an “A Day Made Better” appreciation day for teachers. I was fortunate enough to be there last year when they presented this honor to Mrs. Hood at Memorial Elementary and this year I was present when Office Max presented Mrs. Cooper with this honor.

A day made better, is geared toward helping teachers supply the needs of their class room. Many teachers pull out money from their own pockets to fill the needs (short supplies) of their class room. So Office Max created this program to honor one teacher every year with this bounty of wonderful electronic and (student) class room supplies.

fred wild office max a day made better
I have to admit I was a bit jealous to see that she received a kindle fire (oh I wish I could have gotten one) but I must honestly say – it was a joy to see her surprise when we walked up with the large box of goodies. Talk about excited, for a minute there I thought she was going to pass out. We were all very happy for her, it felt a bit like Christmas in July - I mean September.

I wish we could do this for so many other good teachers who spend all year working hard, giving up more than their required time and paying out of their own pockets for things they need in the classroom. I would like to say: congratulations Mrs. Cooper – you deserve it! I would also like to say thank you. Thank you to all the dedicated hard working teachers who are out there. Without you, school would be a very sad place indeed.

I would also like to thank Office Max for "A Day Made Better".

fred wild elementary highlands

fred wild office max appreciation
dedicated appreciation teacher
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