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Pumpkin Treat Contest - oh Yeah!

Pumpkin Treat CONTEST!

Here we GO – Pumpkin Treat Contest!

Who doesn’t like to get involved in a nice competitive contest – sure people say that competition only brings out the worst in people but I personally believe it also brings out the best in people. After all, most people never truly give it their all, unless there is something to win or something to be lose (like pride).

At our school we proved we can have a contest, meet a challenge and still – even with many showing their strong competitive side, we can get along well and be gracious winners and losers. After all, despite everything people say – everyone can’t be a winner, just ask all the people who play the lotto every week. A contest, any contest requires a winner and a loser.

Now I know people hate to lose – so do I. But lets be real, losing can drive you to work harder, can create a drive, it can cause you to strive to be better and fuel a competitive spirit that in truth, is what made this country great in the first place. Then again most people want to avoid having people’s feelings hurt, they want everyone to be winners – so in the end, there is no real reason to strive for excellence if mediocrity will always be enough to win you a prize. Since no one can lose and no one can truly win – what’s the point of even trying to do your best?

Pumpkin Treat contest
School mascot dress as Frankienstien
But with all that said – we had a blast. We saw how competitive our co-workers could be and we also saw how well we enjoy the spirit of a good challenge. There was no arguing, no back biting, no snickering behind closed doors – no, we took it for what it was worth. We each did our best, we enjoyed displaying our hard efforts, laughed as the children happily enjoyed the pumpkins on display (each class having their own favorite) and in the end – the winner was the Cookie Monster Pumpkin.

I love these events, I think it can certainly bring out the best in people, creatively, emotionally as they bond to work together to create a master piece and in the end – it reveals the truth about you and me.

You can say what you want, but the bad, the ugly and the mean spiritedness people exhibit during competitions is not something that came about unexpectedly – it was always there to begin with.

Congratulations to the Fred Wild third grade department for your well deserved win.

Duck Dynasty Pumpkin

Minion Pumpkin

Leadership Pumpkin - 7 Habits

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