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How to Create the Motivation to Do Well in School?

How to Create the Motivation to Do Well in School? Children can play video games for hours, they forget the time while they are running wild on a football field or soccer field, but ask them to sit for a few minutes to do math or science and all hell breaks loose. Getting children motivated in learning can be a difficult chore at best. Here are a few tips to help create the motivation to do well in school and in all future endeavors in life.

How to Create the Motivation to Do Well in School?
Children can play video games for hours, they forget the time while they are running wild on a football field or soccer field, but ask them to sit for a few minutes to do math or science and all hell breaks loose. Getting children motivated in learning can be a difficult chore at best. Here are a few tips to help create the motivation to do well in school and in all future endeavors in life.

First Step: Start early. By this I mean early as in the literal sense – learning should be a fun experience that is instilled in a child from an early age. Playing games like school house, reading with a child or having them read out loud and being applauded for doing a good job are things that make their first experiences with learning a fun memorable experience.
If starting young is not a current option: start making it fun now. Find ways thru games, television shows and more to turn learning into a fun experience.

Second Step: Be involved. Often times all children need is bit of attention, a helping hand and the feeling that someone cares. Sharing the importance of being motivated to do well in school is most aptly shown to a child thru action. Working with and helping them do their homework, study, making practicing their spelling words or math fun will create a better attitude and help build self confidence when it comes to school.
Children learn best from watching – show them what is important to you and they will follow because it is important to you. What child does not want to impress a parent especially at a young age?

Third Step: Patience is a virtue. Diligence, hard work and ethics – their all fine and dandy, but patience now that is a tool rarely used with children and most of all with teens. Don’t get it wrong, it is understandable: work, life it can be stressful – but patience is essential to motivating children to do well in school. They will always test you. They will always find a reason to quite, to stop, they will be easily distracted: this is why patience is a key ingredient in motivating children. Break down and give up to anger, to defeat and the child will lose all desire to learn. Stay the course; find ways to keep the subject at hand – math, reading or science fun. Go on “YouTube” and do a bit of research and find interesting videos that will help make learning interesting, fun and creative.

Fourth Step: Incentive is the mother of invention. The best way to motivate anyone is by offering incentives – this works well for children, teens and adults. Incentivize efforts not just for the child but for that much needed parent that is offering time to help a smart child excel in school and in life. If games, movies or playing outside is what tickles their ivories, make of that incentive – do the work properly and completely showing that you know the skills necessary to pass a test, complete homework and playtime will be an experience you will never forget. Incentives like ice cream or treats, video games or family time work well. But children are all different, so find what works and use that to incentivize the motivation necessary to do well in school.

Fifth Step: Allow mistakes and take breaks. Depending on the age of the child mistakes and breaks are necessary for motivation. The goal is to motivate children to “want: to learn, to instill in them a desire to learn and to seek to do well in school. Making homework, study time into a choir of drudgery that is akin to being locked up in a dungeon you have lost the battle before you even started. As stated before, each child, each teen is deferent and may require a bit of personal know how to create the right atmosphere and attitude. Most of all – failure is acceptable! Without failure there is no learning, failing to learn from mistakes will only create a fear of learning in order to avoid failure. Make every mistake an opportunity to learn. What did I do wrong, how can it be fixed – these are life lessons that will propel a child to better and brighter days ahead.

As a bonus to your efforts, seek to enlist the help of teachers, principals and school staff. These people are talented, smart individuals whose sole goal is to help children learn. They can help you find help; find resources and can give you insight into what more you can do for your child to create the motivation to do well in school.

Why I choose to be Rich and Homeless: interesting story

I always love interesting stories and this one is just that - very interesting.

Why I Choose to be Rich and Homeless
How much could you pack in a single suitcase? Thirty-six-year-old Natalie Sisson manages to fit her entire life in one bag.
For nearly four years, Sisson has been homeless. But it’s not what you think. The New Zealand native travels the world, living out of her suitcase and running a business from her laptop. She doesn’t have a permanent residence and calls herself ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur,” also the title of her blog and book.

“People think that I’m either crazy, a little bit strange or they think it sounds fantastic,” she says. “I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world. Wherever I place my suitcase, that’s kind of my home.”

She identifies as a new breed of worker, the “digital nomad,” someone who works exclusively online and isn’t tied to a single geographic location.

“I have about eight revenue streams. My blog brings in some form of advertising and affiliate marketing. I have digital products and programs for sale. I do coaching, and it’s all online through Skype,” she says.

Sisson estimates she saves as much as $2,000 a month because she doesn’t have typical living expenses, and she keeps her travel cheap by rooming with locals or friends. “I’d like to think that this lifestyle is actually pretty cost effective. A lot of people think travel is really expensive but when you don’t have all those extra payments like mortgages etc. you can stay in places quite cheap,” says Sisson.

Back in 2008, the entrepreneur found herself frustrated with her corporate career in London, despite a recent promotion. “I quit my job after my big pay raise. I had just invested in a property in London, so my friends thought I was nuts. I decided to leave the country and go to Canada,” she says.

Once in Vancouver, she worked on a tech startup with a business partner she met at a networking event. She became fascinated by the industry, especially how few women were in the field. “I started a blog to talk about my experience and used it as a way to interview some of these women in technology,” she says. “I realized probably about six months in that it was becoming more of a passion than the business that we had built.”

Fast-forward to today, she’s transformed that blog into a six-figure business, appearing at speaking engagements and teaching social media marketing and online entrepreneurship to others through live events and workshops.

To date, Natalie’s traveled to 66 countries, visiting 15 in 2013 alone, with her longest stay in Berlin for two months. She holds passports in two countries and has permanent resident status in a third. Plus, she has bank accounts in four countries and has collected 17 SIM cards for her mobile phone. But her jet-setting lifestyle isn’t without challenge.

“It’s really difficult to maintain relationships in a deeper way, in deeper connection so I really use tools like Skype and video to connect with family and friends back home and I also make a point of trying to visit my really good friends,” she says.

This year, she plans to slow down, by her standards, anyway.

“Now that I’m wanting to settle a little more and spend more time in each place, I would definitely love to find somebody who’s up for an adventure and for moving around as well,” she says. “I think this year I might hit a few less countries than normal… maybe around ten.”

Special thanks to Viceroy New York and Il Baretto for making this video possible.
By Farnoosh Torabi

Funny Dad with logical reasons

I am a funny Dad for a logical reason...

Growing up without a father and watching my mother do her best to raise us all – seven children by the way, all on her own, it breed in me a deep need to be the best father, parent and husband I could be. Now I am not saying I am the best, my wife I am sure can come up with a few complaints to prove that I am simply trying my best to be good at these things.
But as I watch my children grow up I learn more and more each day and one of the things I am constantly reminded and struggle hard to achieve can be summed up in one famous quote:

“Our children need our presence, not our presents.” -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

If there is anything I can do for my children, with all my heart I will do it. The reason I joke around, act like a child when others are working so hard to be sophisticated, mature and oh so proper – is because I know time is short. Life flies by and before you know it the kids are grown, you are old and you are wondering – what happened?

Today I am home sick suffering with my constant foe – allergies. As I look around my empty home I can’t help but wonder what life will be – you know after the kids are no longer kids and I am merely a shell of my former self?

funy dad
I thought about it and I have come to only one conclusion: I will enjoy the time I have with my children, the life I have know. Life is already stressful enough and I need to stop and smell the roses – thorns and all. Because I want my children, I want to sit back one day and be able to remember: I want to remember the smiles, the jokes, the tears, the angry moments – moments, life.

Whether I win Dad of the year or Father of the century in my children’s eyes are of no consequence to me – what I want is that when a conversation comes up – I want my child as a grown up to say: yes I remember that Dad, that I remember when me and Dad. I want them to tell their children – grandpa, ma dad always did this with me and I want to do it with you.

Life is short and I want every minute to count for something.

fun funny dad

Make $10,000 reasons to read - it's a secret about money...

Is $10,000 dollars a good enough reason to read: it’s a secret!

I love ready and while my children love to read as well the difference in what I read and what my children read varies greatly.
I know – get to the point, what about the $10,000 dollars for reading?

But before I reveal my wonderful delicious secret let me make something clear – reading can make you rich! Ok, reading can make you a large sum of money. It all depends on what you read. As I stated before, my children love to read, they have been watching me read since they were babies and I have always pushed them, motivated them to read – luckily, it has work. This is why they are wonderful successful students.

But what I read is not Twilight, Hunger games, Harry Potter and the sort – oh, don’t get me wrong I read those books because I want to know what my children are reading and it makes it easier to have conversations with them if I know what is rattling inside that little brain of theirs. But what I read are books about how to make money, how to be successful, how to books on a variety of subjects. Currently I am ready a book my brother-in-law sent me: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
( I suggest you order a copy it is very good ... )

Reading can be entertaining, educational and above all – prosperous. Take for example a wonderful quote from one of the greatest men we know – Abraham Lincoln.

"A capacity, and taste, for reading, gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others. It is the key, or one of the keys, to the already solved problems. And not only so. It gives a relish, and facility, for successfully pursuing the [yet] unsolved ones."
          ~ Abraham Lincoln
--September 30, 1859 Address before the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society

So, to the crux of the matter: How to make $10,000 dollars reading – it’s simple. All you have to do is follow what Abraham Lincoln said so long ago; read and learn from what others have already learned and are willing to share.
I know – hogwash! You think I am wasting your time: so listen to my story with care because this is truth and nothing but factual honest and personal truth.

In the days of the real estate boom, around the year 2005 I was working as a real estate agent and doing ok by any ones standards – I was not a great producer but what I earned paid the bills – barely. But what mattered most to me was the ability to stay home and to watch my son grow up (one of the reason why I started writing this blog about my family adventures in craziness). This was important to me because I missed so much of my daughters early years: I missed her first steps, first words – I simply missed so much that being able to be there for my son meant the world to me.

But being one that cannot settle for just barely enough I started ready books on how to improve my skills and in one particular 5oo page book I learn something that I thought was always impossible – how to legally buy and sell property with no money down.
I know, you don’t believe it – you don’t have to, I lived it.

In 1995 I had fallen for one of those buy homes with no money infomercial scams and I knew that it could not be done – but real estate was hot, I had local information on real estate and people who were looking to sell and ways on how to find buyers. What this 500 page book did for me was teach me something I as a Realtor should have already known (knowledge is power).

After three months of doing research, after talking with my broker, talking with local investors who were doing this day in and day out I decided to try my luck – trust me, success does have a bit of luck mixed in there with it.

Now remember, real estate was hot, people were buying homes, vacant land like it was going out of style. So I took the knowledge I learned from the book – which was about three paragraphs long and I went to work. I put in a contract on a vacant land for sale (no money down) with a contract clause that allowed me to resell the property if I wanted to (legal term: assign the contract to another person). The seller agreed on price and the clause. I then started to pray and to look for someone to buy this land from me.

In one week (real estate was hot) I found a buyer, they signed the contract agreeing to my asking price and then I had to go to the seller who agreed to sell me their land with an “addendum” stating they gave me permission to assign the contract to someone else – a one page add on to the contract that had about two sentences on it. Of which the seller signed. Then came the hard part, waiting, worrying – it was the first time I had ever done this and to be honest, it the buyer who was buying the land from me would have canceled on me – I did not have the money to buy this property (this is that bit of luck I was talking about).Luckily, the contract closed and I received a call from the closing agent to come down to his office and to pick up my $10,000 dollar cashier’s check.
Wow, reading one book, taking information I learned, researched and inquired about – putting that knowledge into practice and with a bit of luck, I walked away with a boat load of cash. Ok, it didn’t make me rich – but when was the last time you made $10,000 dollars in thirty days?

Of course real estate dried up, it all went bust and that knowledge is sitting in the back of my brain waiting for the next time real estate gets hot – but my point is: Reading; that is, reading the right things can be very profitable to the right person who is willing to take it and run with it.

William Medina is the author of: For Children how to become Rich, Successful and do well in school

how to challenge success
PS. You may hate what happened with the real estate bubble but I remind you: when everyone was making money, people were asking this one question: how come I am not making any money?
Did it get out of hand – yes! Did greed take over – yes! Did the banks and mortgage companies do wrong – yes! But history proves that there will always be a boom and a bust – and people with knowledge always seem to be making money?

An Amazing Teacher an Amazing Person

An Amazing teacher an Amazing person

Watching this teacher makes me proud, I have had wonderful teachers in my life and I am glad to see one more example of what a really caring, intelligent and amazing teacher can be to students. Don’t take my word for it, simply watch the video and see for yourself.

When he says and I quote: “one size fits all does not work” I totally agreed with him – but when it came to the part of the video, when it showed his home life, his son – it hit a cord deep inside me. I could relate, I could understand. No I do not have a son in a similar condition – but I had a brother, his name was Albert and he was just like his son and he grew worse over time.

When he spoke about being pissed with God, it brought back so many memories of arguments, one sided debates I had with God, I was angry about so much in my life and having no father I felt robbed that my older brother was suffering thru this…… There were nights I would pray asking God to heal him or to let me be sick for him – things you think of when you are a kid and you can’t understand the how or why’s of life.

My brother died around the age of 29 or so and my mother had always treated him with so much love, to her my brother was just her baby boy, her son and she cared for him just like she cared for the rest of us. I broke into tears watching this video, it actually hurt to watch it and when he told his story to the students and he made it a point to tell them that the why of life is love, when we love each other and we care for each other that is the reason – WHY, the reason of life, my heart broke.

People get upset with me because I want people to stand up, to be self reliant, to face life’s challenges and to succeed – I want this because life is hard and things happen, bad, sad, terrible things happen. We need our children to understand one thing – you can be strong, you can overcome, you can be and do more. When life gives you lemons, as the saying goes – make lemon aid. We need to be strong, we need to work together, we need to care for one another – we should not fall back and say we can’t, that we need someone to take care of us.

If you can walk, talk, if you have all your faculties then you can do, become and make this world a better place for those who can’t. My brother couldn’t do these things, he was in constant pain and he needed everything to be done for him: so yes, it bothers me when people say they can’t. That having health, abilities and opportunities – they can’t make their own lives better.

I admire this teacher, my heart goes out to him and I pray that he continue forward, I pray for his son and his family – may God bless them all.
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