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An Amazing Teacher an Amazing Person

An Amazing teacher an Amazing person

Watching this teacher makes me proud, I have had wonderful teachers in my life and I am glad to see one more example of what a really caring, intelligent and amazing teacher can be to students. Don’t take my word for it, simply watch the video and see for yourself.

When he says and I quote: “one size fits all does not work” I totally agreed with him – but when it came to the part of the video, when it showed his home life, his son – it hit a cord deep inside me. I could relate, I could understand. No I do not have a son in a similar condition – but I had a brother, his name was Albert and he was just like his son and he grew worse over time.

When he spoke about being pissed with God, it brought back so many memories of arguments, one sided debates I had with God, I was angry about so much in my life and having no father I felt robbed that my older brother was suffering thru this…… There were nights I would pray asking God to heal him or to let me be sick for him – things you think of when you are a kid and you can’t understand the how or why’s of life.

My brother died around the age of 29 or so and my mother had always treated him with so much love, to her my brother was just her baby boy, her son and she cared for him just like she cared for the rest of us. I broke into tears watching this video, it actually hurt to watch it and when he told his story to the students and he made it a point to tell them that the why of life is love, when we love each other and we care for each other that is the reason – WHY, the reason of life, my heart broke.

People get upset with me because I want people to stand up, to be self reliant, to face life’s challenges and to succeed – I want this because life is hard and things happen, bad, sad, terrible things happen. We need our children to understand one thing – you can be strong, you can overcome, you can be and do more. When life gives you lemons, as the saying goes – make lemon aid. We need to be strong, we need to work together, we need to care for one another – we should not fall back and say we can’t, that we need someone to take care of us.

If you can walk, talk, if you have all your faculties then you can do, become and make this world a better place for those who can’t. My brother couldn’t do these things, he was in constant pain and he needed everything to be done for him: so yes, it bothers me when people say they can’t. That having health, abilities and opportunities – they can’t make their own lives better.

I admire this teacher, my heart goes out to him and I pray that he continue forward, I pray for his son and his family – may God bless them all.

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Nubia DuVall Wilson said...

Thanks for sharing this video and writing such a heartfelt blog post! Happy New Year!

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