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Book Review: Beyonders A world without hereos by my son (10 yrs old)

Book review of: “Beyonders A world without heroes” by my son (a 10 yr. old).

It’s summer and my son has been reading up a storm. Being the type of parent that I am I wanted to run a test – you know, see if my son really was reading, understanding as well as enjoying the books he was reading.

I also wanted to take the time to sharpen his writing skills (or at least have him practice his writing skills). So what I did was simple, I asked him to write me a review of his latest book. Of course I had to give him some tips on how and what I wanted but he happily went to work. No he wasn’t happy that I asked him for a two word review but, after a bit of coaxing he did what needed to be done. Below is and image of his hand written review and I have typed out his review (now that I think about it – I should have had him type this out).

Book Title: Beyonders - A world without Hereos
Author: Brandon Mull
Review By: Isaac

Beyonders is about a boy named Jason that meets another person named Rachel in a world called Lyrian. Jason read a book he wasn’t supposed to and since he read the book, he put himself on a quest to defeat Maldor, The King of all the land, and to find a way back home. It took them many days to find a magical “word” that could be used to defeat Maldor.

Jason and Rachel have had to trust strangers like Tark, Ferrin, Drake, and Jasher. They had to travel to six different places to find all the syllables they needed to defeat Maldor. They met a guy named Galloran that failed with the word but gave them a syllable for the word.
The main characters are Jason and Rachel. The enemy is Maldor. The trouble they face is that Maldor is trying to take over the world of Lyrian by being friends with the other kingdoms rather than destroying them with magical power.

At the end of the book Jason gets sent back to his world. But he needs to go back for Rachel. I recommend this book for others because of the suspense, adventure, magic, and humor. I believe that if you read this book, like me, you too will enjoy and like the adventures Jason faces in the story “Beyonders – A world without heroes”.

Broken no other choice - ebook introduction

Broken – no other choice


I am sitting at my desk desperately hoping the school day flies by. I really don’t like it here, things haven’t been going well and being the class outcast once again is taking its toll on me.

There’s a knock at the classroom door, one of the office administrators walks in and calls the teacher over to the side. Soon two large men dressed in dark suits walk in and one of them whispers something into the teacher’s ear. The classroom is silent; everyone is trying to listen in on what is being secretly said between them. We are all anxious, curious about what is happening.

The entire classroom turns to look at me in shock when the teacher calls out my name and motions me to come forward.

“Take all your stuff with you.” She says with this tense ring in her voice.

I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I couldn’t help but smile on the inside, do you see me, that’s right look at me, I am important. As I put everything I had into my bag, all eyes were on me, it felt good to feel superior, to feel special, nothing like what they believed me to be. But at the same time I was scared. Who were these people? What did they want with me and why did they come for me?

I was rushed out the classroom door, lead down the hallway and straight out of the schools large metal front doors without a word.

“What’s going on?” I timidly asked; but all I got was this bland cold response on how they were taking me to see my mother. Should I be nervous? It’s not like the school would let me be taken away by strangers, right? After all, they were promising me that they were only taking me to see my mother.

They put me into the back seat of a car and the tall slim white man sitting behind the driver’s wheel turned to asked me if I would like to see a movie.

“What? See a movie? I thought we were going to see my mother?” I asked with a bit of concern.

“We are, but we have to pick up your brothers and sisters. So I thought you might like to see a movie as we wait,” the man said as he turned on the car and started to drive off.

“Sure, I guess,” I said with a fair amount of tension in my voice.

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Broken no other choice - introduction pt 2 free ebook chapter

Broken – no other choice

I’ve never been to the movies, I wasn’t sure how to respond but if this was an added bonus to getting out of school early – I am all in.

As the men in the front seat quietly talked to each other I spent my time looking out the window. I was thinking about how great this would be for me, tomorrow I would be back in school telling all the kids how I spent the day at the movies. I would finally have something that would make me special, make me important and something that will make them all very jealous of me.

They parked the car and quickly walked me into the theater, they didn’t even pay for a ticket, they just flashed their badges and continued to walk me right in. The room was dark, they directed me to a seat three rows up from the front and smack dab in the middle of this humongous brightly lit screen that showed dancing cartoon popcorn and candy characters. This was the best day of my life.

The movie started and the title popped onto the screen – Airplane the movie. It was a really funny movie, I spent a lot of time laughing out loud to myself, but sadly it was a short lived experience. Before the movie ended the tall slim man leaned over and told me we had to leave, he wasn’t asking, he was ordering me to get up and to follow him.

The car dropped us off at my house and my mom was inside hastily packing our things up into large black garbage bags. My older sister was sitting at the kitchen table while eating some Kentucky fried chicken. This was another one of those first time things, I was starting to wonder when was it going to happen – this is not my life, when is the other shoe going to drop.

I was seated at the table by my sister and a young black woman nicely dressed in a dark brown suit walks into the kitchen and pulls one of the men over to the side. I’m not sure what she told him but he wasn’t happy about it.

“Ok people we have to get moving now,” He sternly said.

The woman walked off to one of the back rooms calling my mother’s name.

“We really have to get going, there’s no time.”

“What do we do with the chicken and the rest of the food?” The other man asked.

The man who seemed to be in charge looked around the room, he hastily grabbed one of the black garbage bags on the counter and passed it to the other man.

“Throw all the chicken in the bag and leave the rest – we have to go.” He pointed to me and my sister as he walked out of the kitchen saying “I’ll get the car ready.”

In the car I learned that we were leaving, they were moving us once again. We were going to be living in a new place, a new home. I wasn’t sure of what was happening or why we had to move but it wasn’t fair. As much as I hated my school, I hated being the new kid at school even more.

“Where are we going?” My sister asked with an angry tone in her voice and an even angrier look on her face.

The man who was in charge; who had been giving all the orders turned back to look at her from the front seat.

“We are taking you some place safe.” I could tell he was trying to give her his best reassuring smile. “It’s going to be better – it will be a much nicer place for you.”

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Publisher: KNI Publishing inc. (June 15, 2014)
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Broken no other choice - new ebook / true story

Broken – no other choice

Broken, a small boy faces a grave decision all on his own. Life has been a series of hardship, horrific circumstances and unbearable heartaches. The decision is obvious - the only way out is to end it all. The choice is clear; in order to escape this life of sorrow there can only be one inevitable course of action.

What do you do when you are broken? When hope, is all but a shattered dream that has long ago slipped through your fingers like shifting sand. Tired of the pain, the sorrow, the desire to give up can overwhelm you. Who do you call when there is no one to call, when the person who should have protected you – abandons you?

Based on a true story
The flood of memories overwhelmed me. My heart begins to sink, my entire chest increasingly hurts with every pounding heartbeat. Tears begin to flow, streaming down my cheeks. I was having difficulty breathing; I was struggling to hold back the endless waves of emotions. My mind ran back and forth as it rehashed all of my memories, the countless hurts, painful words, disgusting looks, horrific moments that played over and over in my head.
"Why do you hate me?" I whispered...

Author Comments
It was extremely difficult for me to write this book. Looking back on my past brought a lot of memories to the surface and much pain with it as well.
You may ask why would I do it? Why would I share deep intimate and personal tragedies with you or have it readily available for my children to read? I have spent much of my life teaching my children that choices are important, that the decisions we make have consequences – for bad and good. I want my children (and you the reader) to know that yes, life is not a bed of roses, and that life is not fair. But with all the possible excuses we can come up with to surrender, to give up on life – the right choice is to fight, to hope and to believe in yourself.

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File Size: 234 KB
Publisher: KNI Publishing inc. (June 15, 2014)
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Language: English

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Broken no other choice - chapter one (part one)

Broken – no other choice


Happiness, everyone wants it but so few seem to truly find it. The definition of happiness is what exactly? Is happiness when you have everything you want? Is happiness when you feel good about something, someone or about yourself? If happiness is a feeling then isn't it just fleeting, like the wisp of the wind it is here now and gone before you even know it? Is happiness something you decide on, like my mother who likes to say "you choose to be happy and you choose to be sad". What does that even mean? Do I really have a choice in the matter, because if I do, who do I talk to? Where can I write and mail a letter to? But most of all, to whom do I address my grievances?

Happiness, now that may well be an utter and complete foreign concept to me. I wouldn't know what happiness looked like even if it came up hit me in the face and said "hello, here I am you loser".

After all I live in a world made not of my own choosing, I did not ask to be born into this life, much less into the one I am currently living now today. I look out my seventh floor window and all I see around me is, well let’s just say it's not happy. What would you call a row of old decrepit buildings, all of which were eight stories high and next to them were more and more of the same? Block after block each looking just as bad as the one before and if that wasn't gloomy enough for you, all you had to do was to look into one of these windows, any window, just take your pick. It doesn't matter which window you choose to look into, not the slightest bit, because they are all the same.

What I am sure you will find, without a doubt, are simple people whom have not yet realized that they have no hope.

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Order ebook today: Broken no other choice
Product Details ebook
File Size: 234 KB
Publisher: KNI Publishing inc. (June 15, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

Author Comments
It was extremely difficult for me to write this book. Looking back on my past brought a lot of memories to the surface and much pain with it as well.
You may ask why would I do it? Why would I share deep intimate and personal tragedies with you or have it readily available for my children to read? I have spent much of my life teaching my children that choices are important, that the decisions we make have consequences – for bad and good. I want my children (and you the reader) to know that yes, life is not a bed of roses, and that life is not fair. But with all the possible excuses we can come up with to surrender, to give up on life – the right choice is to fight, to hope and to believe in yourself.

How a tiny superhero saves a dieing factory - dreams and success

Who doesn’t like a David and Goliath story – where the little guy against all odds comes out winning in the end? No one, everyone loves these kinds of stories. But what if it were a bit different? What if it was more like a dream shatters and a superhero saves the day!

I love stories about success – especially the ones that show and prove that when one person succeeds – other people benefit as well.
A dream was formed and it became successful, time past and hard times destroyed the dream. Hundreds of people were put out of work and a business had to close – but fear not! A superhero was in the horizon. Look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane no it’s… A small child in a cape!

Fall River Apparel Company saved by unlikely hero
By Sarah Lybrand

Fall River Apparel is a cut and sew contracting business that has gone from a $3 million company in its heyday, to shuttered and bankrupt after the manufacturing bust, to back in business more than a decade later.
Remarkably it and owner Jimmy Petrosso have survived, most recently knocking the dust off the old machinery to help out a small Etsy shop needing a boost of manufacturing power. This, at a time when the last relics of the garment industry are still standing like ghost ships in towns across America -- such as in Fall River, Mass.
“Back when I was a child, Fall River was known for its mills and its factories. And if you were going to work anywhere in Fall River that is where it would be," says Petrosso. "You could literally quit a job in one mill and get a job in another mill the next day. Labor was in demand and there was plenty of it.”
Starting out of a two-bedroom apartment back in 1983 with a seamstress named Mary, Petrosso’s business grew until, at the height of success in 2001, he owned a 120,000-square foot-factory that employed over 100 people. “At our peak, we were at $2.5 to $3 million in revenue.”
But then all the mills in Fall River started closing. Offshore manufacturing was taking its toll. “I went in one day and there weren’t anymore orders to come -- and we were forced to close. The day we closed and I had to tell those 100 people -- I was in the corner crying.”
Petrosso thought his factory was dead.
“I went bankrupt…And that was the end, right? But no—even if you're dragged down to zero, get up and keep going because if you are a true entrepreneur, whether you make cupcakes or make dresses, you just have to keep doing it. Success is in the doing and the surviving.”
And survive he did – with a little help from an unexpected hero.
Enter a young Allison Faunce, owner of the Etsy shop Little Hero Capes, which sells costumes for kids.
“Little Hero Capes started when my oldest son was running around with a dishtowel," recalls Faunce. "It was around the holidays so I threw up a few capes [on Etsy] to try it out and the very next day, I had sold out of all of the capes. I got a wholesale inquiry from my first retail shop, and I got some press right away. I thought, 'OK, there might be something to this.'”
But Faunce was nine months pregnant at the time, and soon realized that demand for her superhero capes was beyond her reach. She needed a fast, reliable solution to swoop in to save the day. She called Fall River Apparel to get a quote. “I had a lot of anxiety. I felt a little naïve walking into this grand mill building, which in itself was really intimidating,” says Faunce.
Petrosso proved to be just the partner she needed, and the job to sew superhero capes was an unexpected lifeline for a factory that otherwise would have remained shuttered. He admits he was open to considering newer, younger possibilities – including embracing a new attitude toward technology.
“The web was kind of a scary thing to me...I just didn’t understand what the web could be for my business,” Petrosso says. “[But then] Allison walks in smiling and happy and young – energetic like I was and she comes in with a hero cape. Mary and I are looking at the hero cape and we are like – what is she doing?”
Petrosso says of Faunce, “she’d been doing this herself out of her house and so she knew what she was doing -- she just needed us to do more of it….And I told Mary, you have to bet on people sometimes. Allison had energy and she was confident. So we started making little hero capes -- and it’s working out.” Now, Allison is able to keep up with the demand. Fall River Apparel has now produced more than 5,000 capes that retail at around $45 and it is paying off for both parties. Fall River is back on the rise and receives more than 20 inquires a week from home sewers. A similar web-based business to little hero capes is Wrapeaze - a unique hooded wrap that keeps a child warm without the hassle. Fall River has manufactured thousands of the hoodies and the orders continue to increase.
Petrosso and his seamstress have updated some of their technology, and Faunce is grateful for help from an apparel company that has so much wisdom and history to share. “Because really business is a relationship, that’s what I’m always connected with," says Faunce.
Petrosso describes it more like this: “What Allison has taught me is that there are energetic younger people out there that believe in what they’re doing and believe that making it in America matters. That gives me hope, because it was kind of tough when we lost it all…[Even if] she puts two people to work, if there's 1,000 Allisons, it’s still putting people to work. So I would hope that there are more Allison's, and they don’t give up and that there are still people like me to help them. I’m a dinosaur and if I go extinct, there’s no one to turn to.”
Are you Driven? Share your story with us at or follow us on Twitter @YahooFinance #drivenstories.
Video produced by Jessica Ashford; co-produced by Emily Sharnhorst. Production by Michael Manas, Richard Rella, Josh Kesner, Maryann Vanderventor. Edited by Sean Elms. Audio Edited by J.J. Brown. Graphics by Todd Tanner and Adam Saul For Yahoo! Studios. Executive Producers: Russ Torres and Peter Gorenstein.
Author: Sarah Lybrand

We Got Our Kids in College by Age 12

Kip and Mona Lisa Harding are just your average high school sweethearts … with 10 children. Oh, and seven of those 10 children have gotten into college by the age of 12 (so far), and the youngest three are well on their way to joining them.

First, a little about our kids. Our three eldest daughters are Hannah, 26, an engineer since age 22; Rosannah, 24, an architect with her own practice; and Serennah, 22, one of the youngest doctors in the U.S. Navy. Some of our boys are currently studying to become a computer scientist; a musician/composer; and a scholar of the Middle Ages (who currently has the highest average in his college classes). Another child, also now in college at age 11, is considering a law degree.

"How do you do it?" Since the release of our book "The Brainy Bunch," this has been the question we hear the most. People want to know how we get our children into college early — did we break or bend some sort of golden rule? They think it's impossible for our story to be true. Some even wonder how college admission could even be allowed for someone so young. The truth is that starting your child on a college curriculum at 10, 13, or 16 is possible — and we have done it seven times.

The common theme here is this: Our kids are not geniuses, and neither are we. We are just average folks who decided that we wanted to take a chance on homeschooling. And we're happy to share our homeschooling story whenever and wherever we are asked, because we want people to know that they have options. Parents can and should take control and decide how they want their kids to be educated. Of course, there are many private and public schools out there to choose from. But we want people to see that if ordinary people like us can homeschool and have great success then they can, too.

So, how do we do it? There is no science or formula to our success. We offer consulting services to parents all over the country, and during these sessions, we never say "buy this or that curriculum" or "follow these steps and — presto! — your kids will get into college by 12." What we do share is the advice that if we as parents let our kids work at their own pace, provide material that the kids are interested in, and never hold them back, then they'll begin to see amazing results. Here are our top tips on how to get there.

Always ask your child questions. The answers will allow you to see what they are truly passionate about – and can help show you their future paths. As parents we tend to think we know what is best for our children, and in many ways, we do. However, we don't always know how our children's talents may translate in terms of a career. You might think they are only wasting time on a video game or the latest fashion trends. But looking further into these expressions of interest may just reveal a deeper meaning: What if your child is the designer of the next Donkey Kong? What if he or she is the next Coco Chanel or Ralph Lauren?

The problem is, most parents and teachers don't address what a child wants to be when they grow up because there is a lot that has to occur between now and the time we get there. Moreover, you don't want to put stress on children, making them think they have to get through all these hurdles to reach their final objective in one day. The trick is to tap into what inspires them so you know what will keep their interest. It's kind of like a game; by discovering their core interest and focusing everything toward that, they grow amazingly fast.

Be patient. If your child is a gamer and just wants to play online for hours on end, try to play with them. Except you're not mindless players — quite the opposite. You can ask your child provocative questions like, "How do you think the programmers created those graphics?" Pick up some magazines on the subject and let them read about it to increase their English skills, and perhaps even build some software programming skills. All of this takes extreme patience, which is something many parents have in short supply.

When properly equipped and inspired, a child will soon outdo his or her parents. That has been one of the most rewarding parts of our experience. Children can become "experts" in their own fields. Little Johnny may be able to tell friends and family all about insects, even though Mom has to force herself to smile at his latest capture. The point here is that Mom does not have to teach Little Johnny about the insect world or even like the insects. She only has to be willing to teach him how to do the research and how to write about those bugs. When researching, she should never say, "You can't check out that book, because it's above your grade level." It may be above Mom's grade level! But if she lets him check it out and learn something new, Little Johnny can explain the concepts to her in no time.

Give control to the kids. It may be scary at first, but when you see your kids beginning to read all the books they can find on their favorite topic, trust that there is real learning taking place. Reading is the most important first step and should be taught to children as soon as possible, followed by math and the rest as they mature. But if kids love reading, they will always be learning.

If you throw in intense family discussions, experiments, group projects, lots of family/homeschool group field trips, some sports, church, socializing as a family with people of all ages and cultures, and, of course, love, you will end up with a well-adjusted kid who is definitely ready for a college class or two.

Trust us, it's not as hard as it sounds.

Kip and Mona Lisa Harding were high school sweethearts in San Jose, California. Kip asked Mona Lisa to the prom and proposed a few weeks later. After four kids, they decided to turn to homeschooling, and their success paved the way for their children to start college by the age of 12 and go on to great careers in medicine, engineering, architecture, and more. The Harding family has been interviewed on "The Today Show," CNN, "Fox & Friends," "Inside Edition," and "The 700 Club," and have been featured in publications including People and The Daily Mail. They live in Montgomery, Alabama.

By Kip and Mona Lisa Harding, authors of "The Brainy Bunch"

Homeless Graduate valedictorian says – never give up.

Homeless Graduate valedictorian says – never give up.

This encourages me and should encourage all of us to continue forward, to struggle, to strive for greater achievements. Our students, our children need to learn this simple but important trait – a never give up attitude.

Success is often attained by people who face turmoil, difficulties or hardship and refuse to give up.

Homeless High School Student Inspires in Valedictory Address
By MATTIE KAHN | Good Morning America

Rashema Melson will begin her studies as a freshman at Georgetown University this fall after three years of living in a Washington, D.C., homeless shelter. And her tireless determination has paid off in the form of a full scholarship.

"It hasn't hit me yet, to be honest," she said today of the realization that high school has come to an end.

Melson, 18, says she has refused to let her family’s misfortune define her. Not only is the teen a dedicated athlete, but she has also maintained a sterling academic record, delivering the valedictory address Wednesday at Anacostia High School.
Another story (video) of homeless teen who did not give up

Her speech celebrated the achievements of fellow classmates, but it also spoke to the hardships that she has endured. "I started to give up,” she told them. “But then God gave me a sign that he wasn't putting me through this to punish me, but to show others how to be resilient and persistent in the goals of life."

Melson has been living in the D.C. General Homeless Shelter in a single room that she shares with her mother and two brothers. Her determination evidently impressed the admissions office at Georgetown.

Her sister, Desiree Brown, has no doubt that Melson will continue to succeed as she pursues her ambitions. As Brown told ABC affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington, "We motivate her to keep up the good work. We just want her dreams to come true."
Melson has moved a few steps closer.

"Hopefully,” she told ABC News,”I'll just do my best.”

10-Year-Old Boy Graduates From High School

10-Year-Old Boy Graduates From High School, Aims to Cure Cancer
By Elise Solé, Shine Staff | Parenting

Tanishq Abraham graduated from high school on Sunday with a 4.0 GPA and a Mensa membership — he’s also 10 years old.

The pintsize prodigy, who lives in Sacramento, Calif., with his parents and 8-year-old sister, Tiara (who is also a Mensa member), also received a congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama just in time for his big day. “I sensed there was something different about Tanishq when he was 6 months old because he became very interested in clocks and numbers — he started counting and could point out numbers when he saw them in books,” Tanishq’s mother, veterinarian Taji Abraham, tells Yahoo Shine. “He would also stare very intently at photos and ask so many questions. I always wondered, ‘Why is he so curious?’”

By the time Tanishq was 2, he was adding and subtracting numbers. “I told my husband that Tanishq was very smart, but he said I was just a proud mom,” she says. “But a friend who was a kindergarten teacher insisted that Tanishq was different.” Abraham and her husband wanted to test their son’s IQ but were advised to wait until he was a little older to get a more accurate reading. When Tanishq turned 4, he scored in the 99.9th percentile on an IQ test (Abraham declined to provide her son’s precise IQ).

Abraham had heard about Mensa, a society for people with high IQs, and hoped that a membership would lead to better educational opportunities. After Mensa confirmed the boy’s IQ by having him undergo more testing, Tanishq was admitted into the group. (Mensa requires members to have an IQ in the 98th percentile.)

By the time Tanishq turned 6, he was "pestering" his mother to take paleontology college classes. After he skipped first grade, Abraham began homeschooling her son and allowed him to enroll in college courses at American River College in Sacramento while he studied for his high school degree. Tiara also joined Mensa when she was 4 and started homeschooling two years later. She loves dogs and cats and wants to become a veterinarian like her mom one day.

Despite her children’s high intelligence, Abraham insists they are grounded. “They have friends their age and older from their classes; however, we never let them forget that we are their parents,” she says. “While we learn from them, they have to respect us because they’re children.” Both kids also participate in extracurricular activities — Tanishq and Tiara are involved in chorus, swim, and play the piano. “Education is just one part of their lives,” says Abraham.

In September, Tanishq will be a full-time student at American River College where he'll take on a five-class course load. He hopes to graduate with an associate's degree by the end of his fall semester. Then, Tanishq will transfer as a junior to another university. "He would like to attend either Harvard, MIT, or Cornell," says Abraham. After that, he wants to enroll in medical school and then research a cure for cancer — a goal he’s had since he was 4. Knowing Tanishq, it's hard to imagine he won't reach it.

15 yr boy creates shoes that charge your cell phone?

A 15 year old boy may have found the solution to charging that all electric energy hog – your smart phone and solved obesity issues as well.

A 15-year-old boy’s thirst for science has helped him developed shoes that can charge your cell phone or any USB-powered device by simply walking. That is correct – walking!

Generating Electricity By Walking - Google Science Fair 2014

Angelo Casimiro lives in the Philippines, a country still recovering from last fall's Typhoon Haiyan.

"A lot of people are still suffering from poverty," he says in a YouTube video in which he demonstrates his invention. Some people have no access to electricity, he adds. For them, "a simple source of light is big," he says.

Now Angelo is creating a new way to generate power. He placed two pairs of piezo-electric discs on the insole of each shoe. The discs produce energy when any type of pressure is placed on them. That energy is then channeled to a USB port, which an electronic device can plug in to.

"My insole generator does not use coils, motors, magnets, or anything that involves moving parts," he explains. "We have a pair (of physio-electric discs) mounted back-to-back. When you make back-to-back pairs, you're able to harvest twice the power."

Even without the extra discs, Angelo's experiments with the device showed that a full battery charge could be obtained by jogging continuously for eight hours. In a separate test, the teenager gained a 10-minute phone charge by playing basketball for two straight hours.

Success: Dad and Mom - the defference they make to a child

The Difference a good Dad (Father) makes can never be truly measured - but it has been proven to be incalculable and of great importance to the success of our children.

"If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings."
~ Brian Tracy

Some of the things that concern me most are the depictions of Dads being dumb, ignorant, and just plain stupid. You see it in sitcoms, commercials, movies and most anywhere you look. It may be part of the feminist movement or it may be a fad but in essence it’s a dangerous thing, in my opinion, to try to teach our children that one of the two (Mom and Dad) most important ingredients necessary in the formation of a child can be cast off, undermined or diminished.

I grew up without a father, trust me, I know a child can survive without a father – but should a child be forced to endure such hardship? Because I can, should we allow it?

Hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of people believe in their heart that they were meant for greatness, a higher purpose in life and they want to achieve this purpose, this calling. What many fail to see is that being a Mother, a Father is the greatest calling any individual can undertake. You as a parent control the destiny of a life, a human child – your child. What greater purposes, what higher calling than that, can one have?

It may not be easy, you may have to sacrifice more than others or sacrifice more than you should – but your children, the small frail lives you brought into this harsh world need you. Success is not measured in dollars and cents. It cannot be gauged by how many toys and trinkets we possess – but it can be measured by the lives we touch, inspire and love. Who greater to be a recipient of such honors than that precious baby you hold in your hand.

Do you want to change the world?

Then start in your own home.

"Nothing I've ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children."
~ Bill Cosby

The Difference Dads Make
Family scholars from sociologist Sara McLanahan to psychologist Ross Parke have long observed that fathers typically play an important role in advancing the welfare of their children. Focusing on the impact of family structure, McLanahan has found that, compared to children from single-parent homes, children who live with both their mother and father have significantly lower rates of nonmarital childbearing and incarceration and higher rates of high school and college graduation. Examining the extent and style of paternal involvement, Parke notes, for instance, that engaged fathers play an important role in "helping sons and daughters achieve independent and distinct identities" and that this independence often translates into educational and occupational success.

Likewise, a US Department of Education study found that among children living with both biological parents, those with highly involved fathers were 42 percent more likely to earn As and 33 percent less likely to be held back a year in school than children whose dads had low levels of involvement.5 But little research has examined the association between paternal involvement per se and college graduation.
* excerpt from "Dad and the Diploma: The Difference Fathers Make for College Graduation"

Source: Dad and the Diploma: The Difference Fathers Make for College Graduation By W. Bradford Wilcox

Teen success Madison Robinson entrepreneur - flip flops

Teen entrepreneur is continuing her success with more great news. That news is that she is opening a clothing line.
I love stories like this one, children who are proving that children, yes a child can achieve much more in life - these are the stories I use to inspire other children to succeed in life.

encourage children to successMadison Robison is your average teenager who has gone the extra mile and found much success. Yes she has had a bit of help along the way but who hasn't - the important thing about this story is that she tried - she saw a need, she worked toward filling that need and she worked hard for what she has achieved.

Her business was launched with financing provided by friends and family, but no worries the enterprise is doing well and is very profitable. She has even been working to open her own website - but this not just a fly by night kind of business: More than 60,000 pairs sold in 2012, making for retail sales of at least $1.2 million. That's not all Fish Flops' income; the Robinsons sell wholesale. But Dan Robinson says it's safe to say that his daughter, who recently completed the 9th grade, has already socked away enough profits to cover her college tuition.

encourage children succeed

"Robinson has also turned her attention to good causes, donating more than 20,000 pairs of shoes to charities including Snowball Express Military Charity, Shoes for Orphan Souls, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Children’s Hospital, Cy-Hope, and, in support of her best friend who had open-heart surgery recently, the American Heart Association.

Robinson admits it’s not easy being a regular teenager as well as a businesswoman. “Sometimes it’s stressful with school work and the dance team. We practice till 5:00 pm every day, then I do my homework before my business work,” she says, adding, “and I do business work on weekends.”
Small Business Yahoo From FishFlops to Fifth Avenue, Teen Entrepreneur Expands
By Adrienne Burke / Profit Minded

Fun Water activities for children

Children - Having fun water activities!
It was an awesome time and the kids sure had fun, despite the fact that it rained in the morning. But hey, as the kids were saying: we're going to get wet anyway.
It is fun to be a kid.

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