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Book Review: Beyonders A world without hereos by my son (10 yrs old)

Book review of: “Beyonders A world without heroes” by my son (a 10 yr. old).

It’s summer and my son has been reading up a storm. Being the type of parent that I am I wanted to run a test – you know, see if my son really was reading, understanding as well as enjoying the books he was reading.

I also wanted to take the time to sharpen his writing skills (or at least have him practice his writing skills). So what I did was simple, I asked him to write me a review of his latest book. Of course I had to give him some tips on how and what I wanted but he happily went to work. No he wasn’t happy that I asked him for a two word review but, after a bit of coaxing he did what needed to be done. Below is and image of his hand written review and I have typed out his review (now that I think about it – I should have had him type this out).

Book Title: Beyonders - A world without Hereos
Author: Brandon Mull
Review By: Isaac

Beyonders is about a boy named Jason that meets another person named Rachel in a world called Lyrian. Jason read a book he wasn’t supposed to and since he read the book, he put himself on a quest to defeat Maldor, The King of all the land, and to find a way back home. It took them many days to find a magical “word” that could be used to defeat Maldor.

Jason and Rachel have had to trust strangers like Tark, Ferrin, Drake, and Jasher. They had to travel to six different places to find all the syllables they needed to defeat Maldor. They met a guy named Galloran that failed with the word but gave them a syllable for the word.
The main characters are Jason and Rachel. The enemy is Maldor. The trouble they face is that Maldor is trying to take over the world of Lyrian by being friends with the other kingdoms rather than destroying them with magical power.

At the end of the book Jason gets sent back to his world. But he needs to go back for Rachel. I recommend this book for others because of the suspense, adventure, magic, and humor. I believe that if you read this book, like me, you too will enjoy and like the adventures Jason faces in the story “Beyonders – A world without heroes”.

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