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Broken no other choice - new ebook / true story

Broken – no other choice

Broken, a small boy faces a grave decision all on his own. Life has been a series of hardship, horrific circumstances and unbearable heartaches. The decision is obvious - the only way out is to end it all. The choice is clear; in order to escape this life of sorrow there can only be one inevitable course of action.

What do you do when you are broken? When hope, is all but a shattered dream that has long ago slipped through your fingers like shifting sand. Tired of the pain, the sorrow, the desire to give up can overwhelm you. Who do you call when there is no one to call, when the person who should have protected you – abandons you?

Based on a true story
The flood of memories overwhelmed me. My heart begins to sink, my entire chest increasingly hurts with every pounding heartbeat. Tears begin to flow, streaming down my cheeks. I was having difficulty breathing; I was struggling to hold back the endless waves of emotions. My mind ran back and forth as it rehashed all of my memories, the countless hurts, painful words, disgusting looks, horrific moments that played over and over in my head.
"Why do you hate me?" I whispered...

Author Comments
It was extremely difficult for me to write this book. Looking back on my past brought a lot of memories to the surface and much pain with it as well.
You may ask why would I do it? Why would I share deep intimate and personal tragedies with you or have it readily available for my children to read? I have spent much of my life teaching my children that choices are important, that the decisions we make have consequences – for bad and good. I want my children (and you the reader) to know that yes, life is not a bed of roses, and that life is not fair. But with all the possible excuses we can come up with to surrender, to give up on life – the right choice is to fight, to hope and to believe in yourself.

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