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Homeless Graduate valedictorian says – never give up.

Homeless Graduate valedictorian says – never give up.

This encourages me and should encourage all of us to continue forward, to struggle, to strive for greater achievements. Our students, our children need to learn this simple but important trait – a never give up attitude.

Success is often attained by people who face turmoil, difficulties or hardship and refuse to give up.

Homeless High School Student Inspires in Valedictory Address
By MATTIE KAHN | Good Morning America

Rashema Melson will begin her studies as a freshman at Georgetown University this fall after three years of living in a Washington, D.C., homeless shelter. And her tireless determination has paid off in the form of a full scholarship.

"It hasn't hit me yet, to be honest," she said today of the realization that high school has come to an end.

Melson, 18, says she has refused to let her family’s misfortune define her. Not only is the teen a dedicated athlete, but she has also maintained a sterling academic record, delivering the valedictory address Wednesday at Anacostia High School.
Another story (video) of homeless teen who did not give up

Her speech celebrated the achievements of fellow classmates, but it also spoke to the hardships that she has endured. "I started to give up,” she told them. “But then God gave me a sign that he wasn't putting me through this to punish me, but to show others how to be resilient and persistent in the goals of life."

Melson has been living in the D.C. General Homeless Shelter in a single room that she shares with her mother and two brothers. Her determination evidently impressed the admissions office at Georgetown.

Her sister, Desiree Brown, has no doubt that Melson will continue to succeed as she pursues her ambitions. As Brown told ABC affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington, "We motivate her to keep up the good work. We just want her dreams to come true."
Melson has moved a few steps closer.

"Hopefully,” she told ABC News,”I'll just do my best.”

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