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Fun Vacation – Hotel hopping “New Trend”

Fun Vacation – Hotel hopping "New Trend" review

Nothing like starting a new trend! My vacation was a blast and we learned a lot along the way. Nothing like turning a negative into a positive and finding new things to see, do and enjoy during a fun filled family vacation.

The vacation started on a rocky start. First I learned that we weren’t going to my favorite spot in Orlando because my big baby girl needed to go to a Band (Drum Major) training and the only one she could attend was the one in Charlotte, North Carolina – What? I know nothing about this until now! So here I am making plans to take my daughter to NC and to so how incorporate my vacation into this. I feel bad calling it a vacation since my baby girl will be off at her training camp and it will only be me, the wife and the little man… after I thought about it I figured, hey, one less mouth to feed and one less ticket to pay for ( I am such a bad dad … LOL).

We settled on a Hotel close to the college where my daughter was going to have her DMA training and we thought it was a nice hotel (pictures are so deceiving). It was nice, I will be honest I didn’t expect much but when we arrived I could see right away there were going to be problems. Not with me per say, I believe a hotel room is only needed to sleep in – I am here for all the outdoor activities, as long as I have shade that is. But the minute we walked in my wife started pointing out the wear and tear, the un-kept manner things appeared to be in and the not so nice attention we were given – Hello, we are paying customers.

I admit, I loved the idea of a mini-lobby library that was free for all to use. But after that, everything went down hill. The Country Inn $ Suites Charlotte University Place at 131 East McCallough Dr Charlotte, NC 28262 was not at all worth the price. The attitude, the “I don’t care” moody attitude we received at check-in was only the start. The key cards failed on first attempt, not to mention the fact that it continued to fail on a regular basis. The pool was closed and then over chlorinated and very cloudy the next day. The hot tub – was broken and working at half capacity. It wasn’t hot, over chlorinated and dirty. The room was nice but we found a dirty sheet on one bed. This was all piling up even though I was trying to look on the bright side.

After we took my daughter to her DMA training program the next day we sat down to have a long discussion, should we stay or leave – we opted to leave. It was simply way too much to over look. I felt bad because I like to be loyal, I wanted to give them a chance to make it up to us but I couldn’t afford having the wife and kid miserable. We decided to check out some other hotels in the area. A family member from NY told us about an app. that gave us access to deep discounts on one-night hotel stays. The concept behind the app. Is that hotels need to fill rooms and are willing to give discounts to fill those empty rooms. He told us and sent us some pictures of some hotels he has been in – really nice ones.

My wife was ready to move and ready to hotel hop – she didn’t care that we would be booking only one night stays each day (we had four days to go …?). Me on the other hand wanted something more stable so I grabbed my cellphone and started searching – thank God for Orbitz. Continue Reading

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Lucille Foster said...

Hotel hopping is a great idea! I did it for a bit in New York City with my family during summer vacation, and it was like a whole adventure. The kids loved it, because they got to eat in different parts of town every night, and my husband and I had a great time seeing all the sights.

Lucille Foster @ The George Hotel At Cley

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