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Meaning of Words: Stupid, Dumb, Ignorant, foolish and Retarded

Are you Stupid, Dumb, Ignorant, foolish or Retarded?

I had an interesting conversation with my children and some teens the other day. I asked them what the following words meant to them: Stupid, ignorant, dumb, foolish, and retarded.

words stupid,dumb,ignorant mean what
It was really fun to watch them try to explain each word and how the discussion quickly became an argument over how each word basically meant the same thing - you are calling me stupid, that I am not smart. After one or two minutes had passed I politely interrupted and I said:
“I believe that you guys are all ignorant of the true meaning of each word I presented you with.”

They all turned to look at me, each with a disgusted look on their face. I asked them “What, what did I say?” My daughter was the first to speak up – “I am not stupid!” As I tried to keep a straight face I asked her “when did I call you stupid?”
“Just now, you said I was stupid...”

My daughter’s friend hastily jumped into the fray “Yeah, you just called us all stupid.” She said with an angry tone.
Quickly I apologized but not in the way they would have expected me too. I apologized for using words they were unfamiliar with, that only brought on more disgusted faces. So I asked them to give me the time, attention, and to actually hear me out, as I go over the definition of each word.

Ignorant: lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.

Stupid: lacking intelligence or common sense.

Dumb: (of a person) unable to speak, most typically because of congenital deafness.

Foolish: (of a person or action) lacking good sense or judgment (making proper careful choices); unwise.
[* Bible calls someone who does not want to accept sound knowledge or wisdom a fool or foolish]

Retarded: less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age.

After I went over the” dictionary’s” definition of each word and giving them down to earth examples of each definition they all seemed to calm down.
What was my point, the purpose of my exercise? My goal was to help them understand that knowing and understanding are to different things. A teacher once told me that most people are too lazy to use their brain, and therefore they repeat words rather than use a better word in its place, as in the use of the word “like”.
ie. “Like you know dude, like it was a good time, like really awesome man...”

The reason you were offended, I explained, was because you never took the time to understand what each word meant and like most, you lumped them all together – to you they all mean a lack of intelligence.

In basic terms if I say you are ignorant – I mean that you do not have or lack the particular information I require. I did not call you stupid, you just lack the information, and I do not mean that you cannot learn the information - you simply do not have the information per-say.

If I call you foolish, again it is not that you cannot learn – it just means that you refuse to accept proven facts. I say the sun is yellow and you look up to the sky and say no, I think it is green. Or I say, 5 people have walked on this edge and fallen in, please avoid it and you say – no, it won’t happen to me (unwise decision, borderline rebellion).

If I say you are dumb, which comes from the days where the education system was unable (ignorant) to teach people who could not speak and/or hear. What I am saying is – you can’t hear me? Not that you lack intelligence.

I did all this because I wanted to help them understand that one – not knowing something, not understanding something does not mean you have a deficiency and therefore are incapable of learning. I also wanted them to think about the words they use and to consider that the words people use often times are taken out of context or applied lazily because the person does not have a more informed way of communicating there thought.

You asked what good was this, well let me tell you a story.

We were driving in the car and my wife was a bit miffed to put it lightly. My daughter questioned something she said and my wife responded by saying – stop acting stupid. My daughter in turn replied, stupid is a poor choice of words, are you saying I lack intelligence. Of which my wife slapped her hand on the gear stick and said “I didn’t say that I meant your being foolish.” Then my son shouts out from the back seat and says “She is not being foolish. Foolish is hitting the gear shift with your hand while driving knowing that the stick could move to reverse and you could cause an accident. Being foolish is about making poor choices.”
At that moment we all burst into laughter.

So my exercise was not in vain, instead of whining and bursting into tears about how "Mom called me stupid", she cleared the air and had an intelligent conversation, even if my son made us all laugh.

HELP! struggling, Drowning and feel like an utter failure

Ever felt like you were drowning?
Like the odds were stacked against you and nothing you did could change the outcome.
Life is a struggle, it can swallow you up and spit you out after it has ground you up into little insignificant pieces.

Harsh isn’t it? But that is how I feel. I’ve had so many things go wrong lately – well I shouldn’t say lately; it has been months and more that I have been dealing with some very difficult things in my life. I tell my children that they need to think positive, never give up and even know when all you can do is ride the wave because there is nothing within your power that can change certain circumstances.
But here I sit, thinking about my mother and her second battle with cancer - and she doesn't look good.

I’m thinking about all the bad luck I have been having lately. I’m thinking about my most recent troubles that have arisen one right after the other and what do I get from my wife – “You have to live what you preach. You tell the kids that they have to overcome – you can’t let them see you crumble.” But that is not what I teach (I don’t preach).

What I want to teach my kids, and the kids I deal with at the school, is that life is difficult but you can overcome. You may not be able to win every battle but you can win some if you try, learn, dedicate yourself and struggle. But that is where I find myself – struggling, and I find myself facing obstacles that are far greater than I can handle. I am not saying I will quit, but l feel like I want to. I am not saying that I don’t have the will power or desire – I just feel like I’m waning. I want to live what I teach (or preach) but it feels like no matter what I do, how hard I fight, the tools I use or the “smart” things I do are simply not enough to change the rising tide.

I’m staring at a picture of my mother and I know, there is nothing I can do. No amount of will power or dedication is going to change this situation. All I have is my faith, my hope and my prayers.

I can understand, I lived my young life struggling just to get by – but there is no greater struggle than finding yourself feeling worthless. Not because I am, but because there is nothing I can do, nothing I can change, nothing except continuing to struggle as I try to keep my head above water wondering, hoping, desperately in need of calmer seas.

I am reminded of how easy it can be to be overwhelmed by circumstances and feeling so alone despite being surrounded by so many.

10 yr-old CEO builds business empire - earns $1000 a weekend

A ten year old boy earns $1,000 every weekend.
I love reading and sharing stories like this with my children. Life can and is difficult – no doubt about it. But if you have an open mind, are willing to think outside of the box and the courage mixed with a bit of determination – you can accomplish much.

I am the first to say success is a mixture of hard work, dedication and luck. No one can deny that there is a bit of luck involved in success, especially when the odds are stacked against you. But this pint sized CEO is living proof that it can be done. Who knows maybe you fail, but there is also that chance that you are the one to succeed. This story is awesome; it makes me want to tell my children to stop whining about how difficult things can be and just do it. This kid is doing nothing special – I put it in this way because children, people are always saying this can’t work. People have tried it and fail, it’s too simple an idea – and they go on and on with the excuses. But this little boy didn’t look at all the what if’s and why not, he just went out and did it.

10-year-old CEO builds bite-sized empire

You've heard of Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Jay-Z; all big names in the business world.
Now, meet Cory Nieves, a pint-sized entrepreneur who's making his name in cookies, one bite at a time, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports.
Every Saturday, on the streets of Englewood, New Jersey, Nieves pulls his wagon cart around town, selling home-made cookies to loyal customers at boutiques, barbershops and car dealerships.
The 10-year-old 5th grader is founder, CEO and head of distribution for Mr. Cory's Cookies.
What makes his cookies so good? Nieves says, "Well, it's made with love. And they're all-natural. And no preservatives. None."
Nieves started the company five years ago after moving to New Jersey with his mother from the Bronx.
"One day, we were on the bus and he just came out and was like, 'Ma, you know, I wanna get a car or whatever. Cause it's too cold.' I said, 'Cory, how am I gettin' a car, off of my looks?' I told him that and then, he said, 'Well, we can sell hot cocoa,'" said Nieves' mother Lisa Howard. "And then, he wanted to add something to that, like, something, a dessert base. And he wanted to try the cookies."
When Nieves started, he didn't know much about baking.
"I didn't really know," he said. "I just looked it up with some magazines, websites. Looked it up. Little search. 'What is this? How you make that?' And I didn't like the recipes, so I just started changin' it around."
From his tiny home kitchen, Nieves built up a business to the point where he's had to move the operation into a commercial space. These days, he sells up to a thousand cookies a weekend at almost $1 a piece.
"We incorporated the business into an LLC corporation, 'cause we couldn't use our regular kitchen unless this whole house is commercial," he said.
His mother and chief operating officer Lisa is now legally required to do the baking, but make no mistake, Cory is the man in charge.
Nieves said he thinks he has a head for business, though his mom helps him sometimes.
"I look over, like, financials and stuff," Nieves said. "The profit and loss statements, you know."
"Sometimes I cannot believe my son is my boss," Nieves' mother Lisa said. "Like, hold on a second. And sometimes, I have to correct him. Because he sometimes takes that to the head. And I have to say, 'Hold on, Cory, I gotta cut the check. You can't. So, let's get it together.'"
Having left his imprint on the culinary world, the mini mogul is now taking aim at the fashion industry.
"I like Pharrell," Nieves said. "He's very fashionable. [I want to] have my own, like, clothing line, under the brand Mr. Cory."
His brand has already led to more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show.
Now that he's met the original goal with the gift of a family car, "Mr. Cory" is focusing on the next phase of his career. But that's confidential for now.
"All the new stuff that's gonna come out, it's secret," he said. "You know, a lotta new stuff I wanna come out, G-14 Classified. That's, like, highly secured. Like, high security. If you bribe us, you might just go to court."

He has his own website:

Pet costume: Star Wars / only for dogs???

Pet costume – Star Wars craze

click to order Dart Vader
Now I have seen it all – costumes for your pets and to top it off, it’s Star Wars costumes for your pets.

You can dress up your loyal best buddy up as Dart Vader or my favorite, as Yoda. The force is strong with this one it is. Yep, your friendly four legged friend can dress up for Halloween as one of your favorite Star Wars characters.

Now I have to hand it to the person who came up with this idea, I am sure that my dog wouldn’t stand being all trussed up as my favorite star Wars character, but then again I no longer have a dog. It’s a shame though that they don’t seem to have these pet costumes for cats – is it some form a petcism, are dog considered better than cats, should we be rioting in the streets for equal rights? Probably not but who ever came up with this idea, You have won my respect, this is probably one of the craziest ideas I have seen but I am sure that they are making a boat load of money.

This is going to be one of those things that I am going to have to remember, for those days when my children come and say: I have no ideas or that won’t work – for goodness sake, Amazon is selling pet costumes and their making money.

Yoda Costume
click to order Yoda costume

Shirt with attached plush arms and hat with large foam ears
Size Small fits up to 14-inch chest and 11-inch neck to tail
Suggested for Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Australian Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle and similar size animals
Officially licensed by Lucas films Limited, LLC
Let your dog join the fun in a costume from Rubies Costume Company
Order one now

And just in case you were wondering - Yes, they do have a Princess Leia ....

I'm not sure how to react to that one...

Recipe: 9 Better ways to top your next burger

9 Better ways to top your next burger: recipe

I love hamburgers – there is nothing better than a delicious juicy well-cooked burger on a toasted bun. But of course the bun and the burger is only part of the delicious taste: the toppings are what take it to a whole other level. So here are a few toppings I found online that I am thinking of trying out. Tell me what you think.

Chips 'n' Guac Burger
Top each burger with 1 tablespoon guacamole + 1 tablespoon sliced pickled jalapeƱos + 3 tortilla chips.

Crunchy Onion Burger
Top each burger with 1 tablespoon onion dip + 1/4 cup canned fried onions (we love French's).

Guy Fieri's Donkey Sauce Burger
Mix 1 cup mayo + 1/4 cup roasted garlic + 1 teaspoon mustard + 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire + 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Divide among burgers with toppings.

Guy Fieri's Pepper & Onion Burger
Cook 1 red onion + 1 yellow or red pepper + 2 tablespoons oil on high until tender; stir in 1/4 teaspoon each paprika, salt and pepper. Top burgers with Jack cheese + mixture.

The New Englander Burger
Top each burger with 1 slice Cheddar cheese + 3 thin slices apple + 3 thin slices red onion.

Creamy Pesto Burger
Beat together 6 ounce softened reduced-fat cream cheese + 3 tablespoons pesto + 2 teaspoon lemon juice; divide among burgers. Top with shredded romaine lettuce.
*All toppings serve 8

The So. Cal Burger
Mash together 2 ripe avocados + 1/4 cup mayo + 1 crushed clove garlic. Divide among burgers. Top with shredded carrots and alfalfa sprouts.

The Spicy Elvis Burger
Divide 3/4 cup crunchy peanut butter + 1/2 cup hot-pepper jelly among burgers. Top each with 2 slices cooked bacon.

Vietnamese Banh Mi
Mix 2 medium Kirby cucumbers, sliced + 1/2 cup shredded carrots + 1/3 cup seasoned rice vinegar + 1/4 cup mint leaves, chopped + 1/2 teaspoon salt; chill 1 hour. Divide among burgers.

Funny the Biggest Band Geek - is Dad!

Funny the Biggest Band Geek – is Dad?

How to have fun at a high school football game? Be a band geek!

I love sports. I used to watch football all the time as well as basketball – back in the days when the Chicago Bulls were a dynasty. But ask me to go to a high school football game and I am not into it, really, it’s not my thing. But seeing that my baby girl is in the band, she is also the drum major, so I decided to go to the game even while it was lightly raining and a bit chilly.

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