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Funny - me in a constant flux of confusion

Funny How You Keep Me in a Constant Flux of Confusion

We are sitting in the kitchen, my wife, son, his friend Pate and I. We’re eating the wonderful meal the wife has prepared for us when suddenly my wife begins to explain how she cannot simply stand the smell of ketchup - that is why she can't it ketchup. She then says, that she eats ketchup with her white rice but the rice has to be hot or very warm in order for her to be able to eat the ketchup.

Of course my son who does not clearly understand the delicate intricacies of his mother’s way of thinking quickly pointed out: Mom, if you hate the way ketchup smells how can you eat it in your rice?

She then quickly tries to explain that it is not the same thing, that she can eat it because it is on the hot or warm white rice.

My son being his mother’s son, rebutted: But Mom, the smell didn’t change, it still smells the same way, nothing changed. If you can’t eat it because you hate the smell – then why are you eating it?

Since my sons friend was visiting, my wife kept her composer and smiled as she stated – you just don’t understand what I am saying.

As I sat there listing to the conversation between the two of them only one thought keep running through my mind: don’t get involved, do not get involved, because she is making no sense to me either.

Funning kids joke - Pooping is relaxing

OK I do this every once and awhile on Facebook because life is strange and some of the conversations that happen in my house, well, are odd, strange and downright hilarious. But yes, like I said, I do it on Facebook because it’s an interesting way to share my funny personal life without feeling like I am sharing too much.

So I am going to try it here with you. Here we go.

Mom: Son go take a bath.
Son: Why? I just want to sit here next to you.
Mom: Son, I said “go take a bath” now!
Dad: Do what Mommy said.
Son: OK, OK you don’t have to scream…
Mom and Dad look at each other wondering – who was screaming?
Son goes into the bathroom – five minutes pass and Mom and Dad notice that there is no sound of running water.
Mom: son what are you doing?
Son: I am pooping.
Mom: What is taking you so long?
Son: Because pooping is relaxing….
Mom looks at Dad: What did he just say?
Dad: I think he said that popping is relaxing (then Dad laughs out loud).

Tell me you got it. Tell you you laughed out loud, rolled around on the floor almost busting your gut, because I sure did. It is simply and utterly amazing what will come out of a child's mouth - what are they thinking. It was a surprise, a shock and a side splitting gut buster. It still makes me laugh as I think about it.

funny silly poop joke
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