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You are are Worth Millions - you just don't know it

You are "Worth Millions" - you just don't know it.

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You are worth more than you think.

Young people today have lost sight of their worth and their wealth. Believe it or not "You are worth Millions", you just don't know it. You have an opportunity to make your life a success - but without the right tools or the right frame of mind - most young people will cast aside their one in a lifetime opportunity.

You are worth millions and I can prove it!

You can be more, you can achieve greatness and you can accomplish so much more in life - but will you? In your hands lay the future, it can be bright & glorious or it can be average and mundane. The secret of success is not a secret at all – it is not something only ‘special’ individuals attain; you can be rich, you can be successful and you have the opportunity before you now.

Do not sell yourself short or allow yourself to be taken advantage of by those who only want to transfer your wealth into their bank accounts. You are worth millions, so I ask you? What are you going to do about it?

Forget about becoming rich overnight - think more along the line of making wise simple financial decisions that will help you in becoming financially successful in life.

The President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy wrote in its 2008 Annual Report to the President:
"By almost any measure, today's schoolchildren are ill-equipped to understand personal finance and make their way in the modern financial world. Their rising debt and debt problems, along with their poor inclination to save, substantiate what the test scores show. Meanwhile, most students still graduate from high school without any formal classroom education in personal finance."

Being called: generation broke?

Debt among 18-24 year olds has risen 104 percent since 1992, and this age group spends almost 30 percent of its income on debt payments, according to a recent study by Demos, titled Generation Broke. The study also points out that credit card companies are aggressively marketing college students with offers of free pizza, T-shirts or other incentives, and that students are clearly lured by this technique.

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