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I think I'm growing Dumb ?

I was sitting with my little girl helping her do her home work, it only took a few seconds before I realized that my little girl is realizing I am not the all knowing parent I pretend to be.
It’s funny - the fact that things are the same and yet have changed so much. I was helping her with her math and I thought I knew what I was doing until my little girl screamed out “ your doing it wrong…!” She said, “that’s not how my teacher said we have to do it“. After conversing on how her teacher wants it done - I realized that my answer was right but my method was different. So I had to show my little girl that yes it’s important to follow her teachers instructions and learn from her, but never forget - there are others ways and sometimes simpler ways of doing things and getting the right answer.


Sue said...

Okay that's it! I'm bookmarking your blog! You're funny!
My husband had the same problem in Math with our kids. He was able to ge the right answer his way but not the teachers way. The at about eigth grade it was over his head and we had to bring in tutors! They lost me in the sixth grade!

Sue said...

Better yet, start a blog roll and we can do a link exchange! Let me know! Sue

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