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Camping: cheap Vacation but lots of work !

Central Florida Camping: cheap Vacation but lots of fun work !

I think camping is the best kind of vacation with kids you can have when you. For several reasons - a camping vacation is generally cheap… at least when compared to other kinds of vacation trips. I have a friend who said she spent $800 dollars on a two day vacation trip to Walt Disney world [ and that didn’t account for the cost of the hotel ].

kids love campingBut the best reason I have for a “Camping Vacation” is that there is so much for children to do, experience, room to play and explore. You also have time [ the parent ] to spend with your kids [ and the honey too… love you babe…]

Ofcourse it helps that comparing my cost - about $400 dollars spent on this 9 day vacation - is a lot cheaper than a $800 dollar 2 day vacation [ I don’t care how much I love Mickey ] . Yes, I am still planning my dream 5 day Walt Disney World vacation - 5 star hotel and all that - I’m just saying, you just cant beat all the pluses you have with a nice long cheap “camping vacation”.

But like everything it has it’s bad side to the equation: for instance you can go over board on spending. Camping is about enjoying the outdoors and spending time with the family - not about buying a air generator cause your to lazy to blow up an inner tube by mouth [ or your small tube pump ] but hey to each is own.

But there are three things you should expect when you go camping:

1- Expect your kids to be emotional… They will either be excited or bummed out [ bummed if they are to accustomed to technology ] But in the end, if they are kids who like to explore, ride bike, swim, run wild they will have fun and end the vacation excited and happy. Plus Tired….

2- Expect to be involved: the fun you & your children have is based on your interaction with them. That what is best about a camping vacation - spending time with the family. Taking them on walks, talking, playing football, taking walks in the dark, telling stories by the camp fire and laughing as you burn the marsh mellow….

3- Above all things expect to work: work setting up your campsite, work with cooking, planning activities, playing is also considered work because you tire yourself out. Even going to the bathroom is work cause you have to walk 200 feet to get there. But in the end you work to pack up your campsite and find that the work - was worth it.

Central Florida Vacation - Kelly Park
Vacation with Kids - can be dangerouse

central Florida camping

Thats right - Tents - real camping !

cheap camping vacation

Just Had to get a NEW GRILL!

camping new grill

Way to much - Mrs Ali overwhelmed ...LOL

camping gear


Anonymous said...

thats the only way to go camping think for a moment if camping will be like this it will call haven ha, ha, ha, ha,????????????

Anonymous said...

What happened to real camping. U need to be up North in Wisconsin where the real people are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They know what camping is all about>

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