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STUCK ! on Bush Gardens ride

florida family vacationSTUCK in Bush Gardens Ride

That’s right - stuck in a Bush Gardens ride. Serves them right. Yes even though it makes for a great post - I’m upset that I was stuck at work while my son & wife went off to play at Bush Gardens. I would like to thank “Miss Eli” for the free tickets and for my Brother-in-law for taking them. But man, I missed all the fun. I hear my son had a grand old time and he even got to ride in front with the conductor on a ride [ of course that’s the ride that got stuck ].
Luckily we have video ladies and gents….

Below here are some pic’s of the short Family vacation.
Although the tickets were free I still had to shell out some cash for the family to eat, buy trinkets and have fun. Man, some one in my family should say thank you.
^%*$#@!!!! I had to work all day.

vacation with kidsvacation with kids florida vacationvacation with kids

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