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Universal Studios Theme Park Florida - oh what fun

We went to Universal Studios with the kids - it has changed alot since the last time I was there - I hate the entrance to Universal Studios [ Florida ] - love the preferred parking [ though it cost $17 bucks ] and love what they've done with most of the park at Universal Studios. They've changed the earthquake ride [ atleast the intro - but the ride itself is still the same. They got rid of the back to the future ride and put in the Homer Simpson ride - but all in all - nice place to take the kids]...
Oh, just be prepared to spend lots and lots of money - a six slice whole pizza at Universal Studios with four drinks and 2 cookies cost me about thirty bucks - and I had to go back and buy two more slices at $3.99 a piece... boy do these kids have to cut down on eating when we're at this park....

Another surprise - go to the universal studios group ticket booth to buy your entrance ticket - it took me all of five minutes to buy my tickets and enter the park.... while I walked by the 150 or more people waiting on line.... I was smiling....

Did you see my Snow man?

Always in a rush!

running at universal

What tornado ?

tornado at universal

Not a Happy place when you have to work and dressed like this.universal studios jobs
universal ride That Shreck ride was fun !!!
universal studios shrek rideLittle man Got me LOST!
universal studios map Santa and Universal Studios Macy parade
universal studios macy parade
universal orlandoI think you need a diet
universal studios orlando florida Girl what happened to your neck?
universal studios

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