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Walt Disney world - Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney world - Magic Kingdom

walt disney worldQuietly planning my next family outing - shhss don’t tell the family.
I’ve been working long hours and many nights - so I figure I have to plan special moments in greater detail than just letting them happen. You know how it goes you put something off till the week end and bang something always comes up. Besides - if I plan it right maybe I can control the cost better [ you save for it rather than have an expensive spur of the moment thing]. I’m thinking Walt Disney World. One night stay at a hotel and take advantage of the one get second free [ if they have it ]...

I know my whole family loves fire works and Walt Disney knows how to give a impressive fire works display. I hope I can get a hotel close to Disney with a view of the park so maybe we can get a sneak peek at their “Disney Fire works extravaganza”...

I understand they revamped the “it’s a small world - I took my little girl to that and hope my son will be impressed as much as she was. I also hear there is a new ride at Disney based on the Monster Inc movie - hope that’s good.
I also heard about - Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - it’s a shooting ride so that should be a great hit with my son, he so loved the shooting ride [ men in black ] at Universal studios.

I want this to be a good time so I’m taking some advice on how to plan my trip - here are some of my tips to help you have a good time at any theme park - especially one like Walt Disney world.

Helpful tips / I recieved and passing to you:
1. Start planning early and get informed. At least six months in advance, get Disney guidebooks and the free travel planning video, subscribe to online newsletters, listen to podcasts. Knowledge is power and the more informed you are, the more power you have to plan a great vacation.

walt disney world2. Make dining reservations as soon as possible, especially for ANY must-do meal.

3. You can't do everything. I have been to WDW dozens of times and still find new experiences. WDW is as big as a city. You could make yourself crazy trying to go everywhere and do everything. Don't even try and you'll be much happier.

4. Your vacation is unique. A neighbor once asked me for Disney planning advice. I spent hours telling her tips about every corner of WDW. On the first day of her trip, she took her kids to the Magic Kingdom. They LOVED it and begged to go back the next day. So she took them back - five days in a row. They never made it past the MK and had a magnificent time. Her trip was different than mine, but it was exactly what her family needed.

5. Give EVERYONE in the family some special time. Mom and Dad are on vacation too. Get a sitter one night and have a romantic dinner. Go to a spa. Or play golf. Happy parents make a happy family.

6. It's not all about the theme parks. The resorts are beautiful - enjoy them. Also think about the water parks, Downtown Disney, boating, tennis, etc. A variety of experiences makes a balanced vacation.

7. Remember you family's basic needs. If your child naps, get them a nap. If you're hot, find a place to cool down. If you always eat at 6:00, then eat at 6:00. You can't have fun if you're uncomfortable.

8. Set a budget and stick to it. No vacation is worth becoming mired in debt.

9. Give yourself permission to be childlike. WDW is the perfect place to be a kid again. Wear those ears with pride!

10. Relax and let the magic happen.

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