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5 tips to help get out of debt

I walked into my local Dollar general store to pick up a gallon of milk and found myself transported in time. They were already preparing for Christmas…? That’s right Christmas! I asked the clerk what happened to Halloween and thanksgiving and she just smiled at me [ that joke went over like a lead balloon].

One of the reasons I hate wal-mart is because every time you walk in they already have next holiday seasons displays up. It’s bad enough having a non white snow less Christmas - but Christmas trees before we’re even done eating the turkey???

I was hoping to avoid Christmas - it’s just to expensive, that’s why I thought the video below would be of help: “5 ways to get out of debt faster”. I hope you enjoy it. Personally these are my five tips:

1- Stop taking the kids with me to the store.
I always end up buying more than I should or want. I am so bad at saying no.

2- Start a diet and never end it.
Not because it’s healthy for me but because food has gotten so expensive. By beacon…… I’ll miss you.

3- Learn to live in the dark.
If I can convince the family that it’s a fun idea - who needs electricity. But I doubt they can live without the TV or the internet. I know I can’t.

4- Avoid friends and family.
Hey, if they can’t find me - they can’t mooch off me [ oh, I know that was mean..]

5- Never leave the house unless absolutely necessary.
Man have you seen the gas prices! Come on, do they think I’m made of money. Who cares if you can afford the car payment - the gas is what kills ya!

Now those were my 5 tips on how to get out of debt. I hope this is some help to you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow that didn't help one bit.

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