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Am I a cool or Bad Parent ???

You know my kids have a cool parent, because I am a video game buff.
When my daughters friends talk about Halo - Hey I am up with that.
After all, I am an old-timer [ can’t believe I said that]. I was there
when the first Atari video game console came out, I bought the second
game console ever created “Collico”. Then came Nintendo, sega , sega genesis,
super Nintendo, Playstation, X-box , the Wii and all the upgraded versions on
the now current top game consoles.

I feel good when my little girl says, hey lets play a game together and
be it monopoly or Halo, I am up to the challenge of monopoly and the skills
needed to blow away some ugly alien butt. But I find myself wondering one

Is it normal to have my three year old saying “I want to play, so I can Kill you” ???


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