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I need a secret Hug ??

Personally, I don’t like all the huggy huggy thing. I personally reserve hugs for family and special friends. I would also like to add that I would prefer that my daughter stay at least fifteen “Hundred” feet away from boys. But this is ridiculous - to ban hugs???
I thought it was funny at first till I read in the news paper that it wasn’t only this school in Fossil hill that banned hugging in school. From Bend, Ore., to Oak Park, ill., to Des Moines, Iowa, to Orlando Florida schools are banning hugs. And the excuse - that it causes congestion in the hall ways - well, tell the kids to move along and not be late but banning hugs???
Hey, I personally would prefer my little girl would never hug a boy and never marry till I was dead - but that’s not going to stop her.. Some believe this ban is due to fear of sexual harassment or worst - sexual activity. Give me a break - first, teach your child correctly and hope they do the right thing. Second, like it or not if they want to “do it” they will, and if you try to ban them, they’ll find a stronger reason to do it and in secret…. Great, just like when I was in high school.. Several teens [me being one of them] being chased out of the back stairwells for cutting class…. And we weren’t trading school notes?

I am not promoting kids have sex… God forbid, I have a little girl. But give us a break. Where is the UCLA to fight for the rights of the oppressed. Next thing you know, we wont be able to hug in the mall. I’m going to go give my son a hug right now, please don’t call the Police…………

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