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Kids wants and Parents regret ?

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!! Why am I so happy, my little or not so little girl gave me a headache when she all of a sudden needed a cell phone. After all, her friends had cell phones. Even her cousin had a cell phone. She just had to have one. Well, I knew it was a waste to go pay hundreds of dollars and a 2 year contract on a cell phone that would probably be used for 2 weeks and then forgotten [ and it was - love that pre-paid phone ].
So when my daughter started talking about getting an allowance and possibly a credit card - my heart dropped. [ it’s still on the kitchen floor even as I speak ]. So being the tech savvy parent that I am I ran to Google for help [ 3 weeks later - head hurts - to much search…..].
I finally found something that may work and will not burn a whole in my budget and will give her the impression that she is grown up - when I know just like the cell phone - this fever to shall pass. It’s called pre paid visa
If worst comes to worst she feels like a grown up and uses the card with out destroying my credit. If all goes as I plan, she’ll get tired of it in a month and I lose nothing except a couple of nights sleep.
I love it when I can out smart my kids with love and affection…… maybe we can use this to help her save for college [ doubt it ]…LOL

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