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What ? Middle School to offer contraception ????

Ok, forgive me for my rant but - who the hell gave the school any right to provide birth control pills or products to children [ pre-teen , teenagers ] ?
I am not saying that this will cause children to have more sex - but it sure will give them an easier path in thinking and acting on the impulse. If you watch the video below there is a girl dressed up in what appears to be Muslim garment of women attire. She appears to be scoping out the area before she enters the clinic????

Again, I know if kids want to “do it” as Whoppi used the term on the “View”, their going to. I also know it’s up to the parents to teach their children the best they can and instill in them moral standards. Be it religious and waiting till marriage or just moral and waiting for the right time. But the school has no right to help children achieve something that other wise is a private matter with parents, teenagers, and their [ oh God ] partners……

They say it’s to control spread of diseases and teenage pregnancies - so your plan is to teach them how [ again - sex ed not your business ] and then give them tools to be better prepared ??? Who made you the parent of my child - piss head [ excuse me ].

They feed you all this crap that video games, music, and movies are sexual and promote sex and violence and it’s the parents job to teach their kids and control the TV, etc… But then they step in and hand condoms to children because how does it go - “if you can’t beat’em, join them” kind of mentality.

Oh, and for those who say “there going to do it and we should help them protect themselves” well I have this to say. If your woman or man enough to “do it” talk to your parents, go to the store and don't be ashamed to pay for your own contraception. Let's be honest - if their frightened or ashamed it probably is because they know their not ready or supposed to be “Doing It”.

Really - tell me what you think….comments welcomed.

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