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Opportunity to Win $100,000 dollar contest

*** I'm a bit confused. Opportunity to win $100,000 dollars and get all the free stuff mentioned below - but at what cost? I personally don't know if I want watching me and what I do online. Not like I do anything illegal - it just bothers me to have someone looking over my shoulder?

PermissionResearch collects information that is used by a U.S.-based market research company that is a nationally-recognized authority on Internet and general economic trends. Major media outlets such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and CNBC routinely cite this data.

In exchange for having their Internet browsing and purchasing activity observed, members have access to free software downloads and other benefits including:

• Free online disk storage
• Free software to password protect important documents and folders
• Free software to help maintain online privacy
• Over 450 free online games
• Free screensavers
• Free sweepstakes entries
• Points redeemable for merchandise and gift cards

Membership is free and members’ personal information will remain confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.

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