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Tis the season to be teasered?

Don't get me wrong but this season seems to be a bit more rough on me
than previouse one's. I personally witness a store clerk get malled as
he tried to bring in some Wii nintendo units to place on the shelf.

When some one is almost trampled becuase a couple of parents need that
oh so wanted gift - maybe everyone should carry a stun gun?

But give me a break - even if the woman in the video below was irate and
a bit out of control [ maybe - hard to tell on video ] - I still don't
believe that she should have been stunned. I'm starting to think this is
getting out of control here.

I always get that stupid alarm ring from the security buzzered becuase the
register girl didn't decoded it right - am I going to get tased one day
becuase that alarm went off and a security guard will find it easier to tase
me than to confront me?

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