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When elephants go Bad

When you've spent countless hours in bed, coughing, gaging and weasing - you want to be entertianed - I expected so much more from this.

Feb. 14 - A herd of elephants escape from a national park in Kenya and destroy crops in nearby villages.

Residents were counting their losses after more than 30 elephants escaped from a national park in Tsavo in south-western Kenya.

Kenyan Wildlife Service officials were forced to use helicopters to round up the animals after earlier attempts to drive them away failed.

Kenya has a national population of about 30,000 elephants, with an estimated 10,000 found in the Tsavo/Mkomazi ecosystem.

Remember not to be weak when in need

It's easy to forget that everyone that says they want to help - is honestly trying to help. lets face it, when your drowning it's hard for you to stop and consider - who is giving you a hand. When your drowning, all your looking for is any hand that appears to be outstretched enough to help. That is when you usually get burned, sometimes burned badly.

I’m still hocked up on medication and I know I shouldn’t sign over the deed to my house to anyone.

It happens to everyone. Crooks are not as stupid as portrayed in movies. They come in all shapes and forms. they are every smart enough to build professional appearances and even legal entities. It's stories like the one above - that proves no matter how good a helping hand may be - ask questions, do background checks, don't take a friends word over your gut feeling. And as always - if it sounds to good to be true - it's not good for you.

Lets face it your drowning, if your going to go down - go with dignity.

Crash Proof - facing America's recession

I've been terribly sick the last four days and so while bed ridden - lets just say I've watched way to much tv. Especially on the possible recession that America is facing, may face and has the government working so hard to avoid.

I have to say, I don't know about you, but I find myself working harder everyday trying to find new ways to cut back on my expenses. I don't know why the news, our government - for that matter we the people don't realize that America - the real America is already in a recession.

Crash Proof Book

As I laid in bed sneezing, coughing and hacking up - well you know…I watched the news talk about how high gas prizes have effected travel and how the 911 terrorist laws make it difficult for foreigners to come to America to spend their money. I read in the news paper about county budget cuts, I read this morning how New Jersey wants to cut thousand of state jobs in one swoop.

I don't think we're facing a possible recession, I think America - the average Joe America is in a recession. But I have to say, it's our own fault. We as Americans took for granted the great economy we were having. So what did we do, we spent more, saved less and leveraged everything that had value. Also, we allowed greed to move us, we still have people who need to sell their home but wont because their still waiting for that willing buyer to pay 2002 -2005 over inflated price. It's not going to happen.

Personally, we as a people as an individual need to face facts. The check your waiting for from the government will not help. Stop spending, save more. Things are going to get worst for you and I before they ever get better.

The only option you have is - make more money, spend less, save as much as you can.

Deaf group large dance hit in china - Amazing

It is amazing to me how the human will to survive, to achieve - can over come so many obstacles. I personally get upset with my children and with myself when we so easily give up on things. we stop trying because it's to hard, to difficult - in our mind - it's impossible. Yet a group of deaf dancers can perform an specialized timed dance - over coming not just average challenges, but overwhelming obstacles such as a disability. {see video below ].
There performance is amazing, their courage inspiring, their determination breath taking. Yet it bothers me that when I look at most young people today - all they care about is not looking foolish is something doesn't come easy to them. I feel guilty myself, thinking back on all the things I avoided or never finished because hey it was to hard... Ofcourse I could see, hear, walk, and use my arms and have full mental capability. It's so sad we find it so easy to give up........

Disabled troupe breaks barriers through expressive art

The deaf China Special Art Troupe hopes to perform at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympics later this year. The troupe has become well known in China and has travelled extensively abroad, showcasin its expressive form of dance.

Kitty Bu reports

Beef recall - did you know????

Beef Recall??

I love meat, meat is a major part of all my meals. In fact, my daughter tells me we are carnivore [ like dinosaurs ] because we prefer to eat meat all the time. So when I heard about this "beef" meat recall I wanted to know more.

What I've learned concerns me more about what happened, how it was handled - more than the possibility of the meat tainted scare did.

Consider this:
This possible meat that is being recalled - goes as far back as 2006.
* so much for quality controls.....

Also, most of the meat went to schools.
* Our system is so broken that the smallest and most defenseless of our society were in harms way and we didn't know it.

The only reason this recall is public is because a video of the "fallen - unable to stand" cows was leaked to public.
* I am no conspiracy junkie - but finding out that the only reason this - "the largest beef recall" ever was made only because a video was leaked to public is concerning. If it had not, would they have said anything? would they have even called for a recall?

Your stupid if your not concerned?

Now I am not one to judge what you wear or how you dress. That doesn't mean I will agree with your style or wears- but, to each is own. But an interesting little tid bit came to my attention - about hoodies that cover your face [ see video below].

Coming from NY and knowing how it feels to walk down the street looking over your shoulder because your afraid to get mugged, robbed or worst - I think you have to be a complete moron not to be concerned when you see a hooded figure walking towards you on the street. Especially if it sports a skeleton or other menacing figure.

Look don't get me wrong, people have the right to wear what they want - but don't expect me not to judge you harshly if you look like your about to rob me. Don't be offended if I cross the street to avoid you, because after all - you do portray someone who has something to hide or is about to do something so dasterdly that you must conceal your identity.

Now I am not stupid enough to complain that this should be banned and outlawed - But don't please, don't get upset if i call the cops on you when I see you in my neighborhood wearing that silly thing.

Feb. 8 - A range of hoodies which covers the face is sparking fears they could be used for criminal activity.

With designs like skeletons, or Hannibal, referring to the cannibal villain in the movie "Silence of the Lambs", the masks are meant to stir up a reaction. The masked hoodies range in price from 30 to 600 British pounds (60 to 1200 USD).

Cindy Martin reports.

The Forgotten WAR ??

If you ran your business or your household and family like Politicians run a war [ the world for that matter] you would find yourself in a hopeless spiral towards destruction.
Not because I am opposed to the war in Iraq or in Afghanistan - but because lives hang on the balance and politicians are more worried about "Popularity" contest rather than resolve.

Take for instance our current presidential Candidates - in the news, when everyone thought the Iraq war was going bad and we had no hope many of the candidates were calling for retreat, surrender, to run away because we were fighting a useless battle. I guess, the lives that were lost are not as important as finishing the job to insure that their lives were not taken in vain. But rather that their political lives would not be lost.

Now we hear very little on the war especially from those who oppose it - why? Because we're winning! Oh, what a surprise?? Now that it seems that we're on top and have everything in control - now no one [ out load in the political race ] that opposed the war - has anything to say.....

If you oppose the war or agree with it, or understand that we're in it and can't just walk out of it - is not the issue here. The issue is how politicians have mocked the very foundations of this country. Why do I say they "Mocked" our foundations. Because the reason for serving your country in any official capacity - be it solider or politician - is that in your service - you are willing to give your life for your country, what it stands for and what you believe. But while our solders went to fight a war that politicians voted yes for, our politicians didn't have the balls [ forgive me] to stand behind their resolve. Not willing to sacrifice their political lives in the name of our country, or stand behind their beliefs when they voted yes.

Obama says something in his speech [as he runs for presidential nomination] - that they can't say that he voted for the war and then opposed the war. Translation - that he is a man of character and resolve. McCain says in his speeches [as he runs] that he voted for the war and will stand for the soldiers [ even while every one hated him while all was thought loss]. You have to remember this - we vote, we live, and we die by what we believe in, stand for and America - the world in fact, will never be a wonderful place if the politicians of the world care for nothing less than their own political agendas.

Politics has become a game of popularity. We have fallen into the trap, easily believing what some of these politicians promise us is what they will do. No, we have become so complacent as a nation, as a people - that all we want is to hear what we want to hear, as we go home to complain about what we don't have.

America the beautiful, America the great - with blood and courage we fought to preserve liberty and then sold it for fun................

The Future is here???? YUK!

Well, I guess all those years of Science Fiction Futuristic TV was not as bad for me as dear old mom said it would be. Think of it - cloning bodies, Frankenstein, Body snatchers, creating life in a lab, factory. Yes while the life that was created always turned out to be monstrous and destructive - it prepared open minded children to believe in the possibilities of science.

Imagine, in today’s science were walking towards a future were you can grow transplant organs in a lab outside a body. The fear ofcourse is, that the same TV that spurred the minds of children to reach these lofty goals - are the same TV shows that showed us the moral and unpredictable problems of this science.

One day it will be clone your pet, then separate organs, then an entire clone body. How do you deal with that? A separate human, clone, is it you, does it have life????
Does it have rights???? It has made for many a good movies - but what about real life?????

Tired, darn dang tired

I had a great post for today, but I forgot it.
Just so dame tired, had a long week, little to no sleep last night and
no clear understanding of who are our next presidential candidates.

All I've heard today is - it's to close to call and Mccain has a slight apparent lead. What does that all mean.

If you don't know stop taliking about it and give me real news. Talk about the huricains that occured the night before. Bring up some current real issues - like why the apparent killer of that missing girl was recorded "a real confession" and the judge doesn't want to sign a warrent...????

Tell me about the weather, anything but the same nonsense about the hillary - obama to close to call nosense. Look - I'm going to vote McCain, He is experienced, and way better than Hillary.

If you want to vote for Hillary cuase she is a woman fine, you want to vote for Obama becuase he is black -ok. But remember this, your vote was wasted. Your suppose to vote for the best candidate - not the first woman or first black.....

I spoke with a woman this morning who wants Hillary to win - not becuase she is the best choice, only becuase she is a woman. And by the virtue of being a woman things will change????????

Well, they will change but it's not becuase shes a woman... Talk about a wasted vote.

Special for Today - RAT meat .....yum...

For years I had a running joke with my friends. I could live on Chinese food and when people would jokingly say "Chinese food is made from Cat" I would laugh and say "have any pets....". Today, I think I may just have to reconsider how often I eat at my favorite Chinese restaurant. because they maybe serving up RAT????

Feb. 5 - A 58-year-old Taiwan eatery offers rat meat as winter tonics to welcome the Year of Rat.

Rat meat, also eaten in China, became popular in rural Taiwan in the 1940s and 1950s among people who could not afford chicken or pork. Ho-la, a rural eatery at Taiwan's Chiayi county, serves 10 rat-themed dishes, including rat soup, black pepper-dipped and deep-fried rat. The diner goes through around 18 kg (40 lb) of rat meat per day.
Christine Lu reports.

Office antics - Funny ending

I've always been a seriouse person at work. Especially in an office setting.
But I've always wanted to do something crazy. Now I don't know if this is real or
fake [staged] but the ending is funny. So I had to post it.

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