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Tired, darn dang tired

I had a great post for today, but I forgot it.
Just so dame tired, had a long week, little to no sleep last night and
no clear understanding of who are our next presidential candidates.

All I've heard today is - it's to close to call and Mccain has a slight apparent lead. What does that all mean.

If you don't know stop taliking about it and give me real news. Talk about the huricains that occured the night before. Bring up some current real issues - like why the apparent killer of that missing girl was recorded "a real confession" and the judge doesn't want to sign a warrent...????

Tell me about the weather, anything but the same nonsense about the hillary - obama to close to call nosense. Look - I'm going to vote McCain, He is experienced, and way better than Hillary.

If you want to vote for Hillary cuase she is a woman fine, you want to vote for Obama becuase he is black -ok. But remember this, your vote was wasted. Your suppose to vote for the best candidate - not the first woman or first black.....

I spoke with a woman this morning who wants Hillary to win - not becuase she is the best choice, only becuase she is a woman. And by the virtue of being a woman things will change????????

Well, they will change but it's not becuase shes a woman... Talk about a wasted vote.

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