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Your stupid if your not concerned?

Now I am not one to judge what you wear or how you dress. That doesn't mean I will agree with your style or wears- but, to each is own. But an interesting little tid bit came to my attention - about hoodies that cover your face [ see video below].

Coming from NY and knowing how it feels to walk down the street looking over your shoulder because your afraid to get mugged, robbed or worst - I think you have to be a complete moron not to be concerned when you see a hooded figure walking towards you on the street. Especially if it sports a skeleton or other menacing figure.

Look don't get me wrong, people have the right to wear what they want - but don't expect me not to judge you harshly if you look like your about to rob me. Don't be offended if I cross the street to avoid you, because after all - you do portray someone who has something to hide or is about to do something so dasterdly that you must conceal your identity.

Now I am not stupid enough to complain that this should be banned and outlawed - But don't please, don't get upset if i call the cops on you when I see you in my neighborhood wearing that silly thing.

Feb. 8 - A range of hoodies which covers the face is sparking fears they could be used for criminal activity.

With designs like skeletons, or Hannibal, referring to the cannibal villain in the movie "Silence of the Lambs", the masks are meant to stir up a reaction. The masked hoodies range in price from 30 to 600 British pounds (60 to 1200 USD).

Cindy Martin reports.

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