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Don't trust anyone - Am I wrong?

In the video below they are warning the elder about a new system crooks have. Nice appearance, clean cut, and smooth talking friendly criminals that chat you up while the partner robs you blind.
Maybe it's because I come from NY, or because as a kid I was a small time thief - or maybe I just don't trust anyone I don't know for more than 5 years..... but I suspect that it's safer to be on guard than relaxed. I'm not saying be anti-social just don't be so trusting.
After all - we tell our children not to talk to strangers and be aware of their surrounding but we adults walk around like if nothing could happen to us - that is until it does. I remember when I first moved to Florida - people would leave their front door unlocked or their garage open and even their cars unlocked. Talk about an open invitation.
My better half says that I'm just anti-social - I say I just work to hard to have someone walk away with my stuff because I was to lazy to keep an eye on them.
Am I wrong???

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